GLua Enhanced for Visual Studio Code

GLua Enhanced for VSCode

Do you want every function from the wiki autocompleted as you type?

Do you want to see every piece of documentation from the wiki, including deprecations, realms and more as you type and hover?

Do you want functions you’ve defined in the local scope, the global scope, and even in global tables autocompleted as you type?

Do you want to see colour palettes?

Do you want every Panel autocompleted when you type vgui.Create?

Do you want every net message you’re using to be autocompleted when you type net.Receive or net.Start?

Do you want every hook to be auto completed when you type hook.Add or hook.Remove?

Do you want function argument types to be shown in hook callbacks and even function closures?

Do you like snippets?

Do you want to see documentation of functions when you hover on them?

There’s way more than this, too, check out the Media section for more :smiley:

Download this then!

Please give it a star if it made your development easier :wink:

Recommended Companion Extension

Download vscode-glualint for linting.




Advanced Features

Bytecode Heatmap Generator

This command generates a heatmap of the “weight” of the bytecode your code is interpreted into. (Credit: Spar)

Global Calls Localizer

Optimizes your workspace or file by localizing any global calls you make.

Globals Finder

Generates a report of any globals you’re defining.


This extension is powerful, a must-have to develop quickly, cleanly and efficiently. :muscle:


Might switch to Visual Studio Code because of this, I’ve used Atom so far because of glua implementation or something idk I forgot.

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good work billy!

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i love you billy!


I’ll check it out next time I boot up VSC.

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Fuck yes. Wish I had this all along. Color picker is (several ok hand sign emojis).

It feels like a swan song given before the game is made mostly irrelevant(to me, someone personally fed up with GMod limitations) by S&box, but what a truly beautiful swan song it is.

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I switched from the extension of aStonedPenguin to yours. What I currently only miss, is that the brackets are automatically added when auto-completing a function.

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Good work, it’s a very useful extension.

You can’t do this as it breaks function signatures (arguments appearing as you type) without making the extension horribly inefficient

Thanks for doing this Billy! This looks like an extremely useful coding tool for beginners such as myself.

And to other beginners … save yourself 800MB and be sure not to download Visual Studio 2019. It’s Visual Studio Code that this is an extension for.

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Just switched to this plugin, good job!

Thanks for the palette. :facepunch:

This looks like an extremely clean GLua extension. Ill defo download this, Good Job.

This extension (for vscode) literally saved my fucking life.
If it wasn’t for Billy I would be dead by now, this thing is the best gmod development tool to exist.

You, sir, are a god sent! Bless your soul.