GLua file contents to variable

Let’s say I have a file, with “STEAM:000 csgo_some_wep”, how can i read that file and turn “STEAM:000” and “csgo_some_wep” into vars? Or put them into.
I assume you have to read the file in a var, explode it, with space as a delimiter?

Also, I have a command GM:PlayerGiveSWEP, can I use SteamIDs, instead of ply? If not, how can I turn the steamID into the username of that ID?


And yeah, I think you have to explode the file with space as the delimiter as you said, unless you want to use patterns.

To use SteamIDs for PlayerGiveSWEP you just need to use


This should provide you with everything you need

:snip: automerge

I plan to have multiple steamIDS and weapons, and they will all be different.
Thank you for that player.GetBySteamID cummand.

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Oh my god, is it me or can I never find anything on my own… ty all
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