gLua: Graphical Lua editor

What is gLua?
gLua is a graphical Lua editor which includes a variety of useful functions.

Here are some of the functions:
[li]LuaSense (can be compared with Intellisense)
[/li][li]Syntax highlighting (saves you from a headache)
[/li][li]Line numbering
[/li][li]Library and object browsing

Why did I make this?
Well mainly for educational purposes because I’m studying VB.Net. The second reason is that it just makes programming in Lua faster so you can spend the rest of your time on more useful stuff :wink: .

When will it be released?
Soon, the program is nearly finished but I’m now cleaning up the code and updating the library and objects database.


[ADDED] Task list explorer
[FIXED] Syntax highlighting and line numbering
[ADDED] Print support and print preview
[TODO] Fix the bug concerning the tabs
[TODO] Build XML scheme for gLua project files
[TODO] Finish XML scheme for the library and object explorer
[TODO] Work (a lot) on LuaSense

Please leave a comment and tell me what you like/dislike.

I need someone who’s good at C# or VB.Net, I can’t do this all by myself.

The line numbering does not seem to be aligned with the actual lines in the image. Other than that (and your probably unoptimized syntax highlighting), good job!

I’m pretty sure is/was already a lua editor called glua. Looks good though, although you need to work (a lot) on your interface.

Oops, thanks for telling me, the font size of the line numbers were messed up.

The “toolbox” should be a toolbar at the top of the window, not some shit at the side

wheres the download lol i wana try this out

Looks nice can’t wait to try it.

I think i will stick with Notepad++ but this does look quite nice.

I think it was Overv’s actually.

Ok, so I followed SteveUK’s advice. The old image has been replaced.

You need to change the icon.

Me being really new to LUA this will be excellent thanks :slight_smile:

seems cool, add more functions for autocomplete will make my life alot easier

The left panel which is being used for reference should have a small button on the side of it to hide it, also, tabs.

Does is recognise garrysmod functions?


The G stands for Garry’s Mod :downs:

No, it only supports concommand.

  1. Make the background of the text area white.
  2. Make it so we can configure the colours to use for syntax highlighting.
  3. Add tabs, and a way to have rows of tabs.
  4. Make the object browser on the left resizable or dockable.
  5. Add a way to save/load your session, like in N++.

Some of these have already been suggested but meh.

Other than that, looking good.