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Luasearch: (not updated for GMod 13)
Luabin: (updated for GMod 13)
Binary Modules:
GMod 12 Wiki:
server.cfg generator:

I figured it was about time got its own thread. Basically, I’m looking for ways to improve glua, bug reports, or general comments about it.

Did you ever make your hook dumper?

In case anyone didn’t know:

EDIT: I completely forgot about the JSON one.

Not really useful though.

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considering the wiki update

That’s because you probably never used LuaStoned’s LuaMenu. There was a plugin that would query the LuaSearch website with a specific keyword (which you would supply) and then started dumping the results on a derma panel. You could even create a program to do the queries with this. I only brought this to the thread because Banana Lord wanted to include a JSON API to LuaSearch. He could probably improve it or something.

I never even knew that existed :v:

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I don’t remember saying anything about that :pwn:

oh you meant that

nope, didn’t find anyone for that yet. if no one steps up then I’ll take a crack at it

You need a script to go through every function and hook on GMod that then dumps them to a file? That’s what you meant?

Have you ever taken a look at the one Garry made?


Your luasearch is terribly designed for its purpose.

Those colours are pretty bad, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I still prefer glua because it doesn’t have that shitty comment thing that always seems to make my pages load really slow :l

It loads in a matter of milliseconds for me.

And I just don’t even like the two-panel system thing they have there. Dunno why.

I like it, you keep the search bar with your query while viewing the result. Pretty smooth in my opinion.

Mouse 3.

What about it? It doesn’t help me make use of Luasearch.

I use Firefox, so by default mouse 3 opens links in a new tab.

It does that with every browser. It still doesn’t assist in searching.