GLua support for VSCode


  • Auto complete (Thanks JohnnyCrazy for the wiki scrapper)
  • Syntax highlighting (Thanks Falco for allowing me to be lazy)
  • Some useful shortcuts, just type “a-” and it will list them
  • Automatically works with all lua files you open, you can still switch back to normal lua in the language switcher though

**Install it: **

**Github (Contribute, request stuff I probably won’t do, tell me I ruined your life and it’s broken here): **

this isnt as shit as the other thing i was using

ty for making my coding experience slightly less shit

Awesome. I’ve dumped Sublime Text and the thought of trying to use Atom again for Visual Studio Code. It’s a really really good product and is getting substantial monthly updates. The VSC and WSL teams at Microsoft are really turning out some good products.

This seems to disable creating matching brackets and parenthesis whenever they are created.

Not sure if this was intentional?

This might be slightly off topic, but how is performance on VS Code compared to Sublime? Does it eat an insane amount of RAM?

Honest question, are there really and big perks to using VS instead of sublime? I mean, I feel completely satisfied with sublime and falco’s plugin I personally don’t ever go, “damn, I wish sublime would do this…”

notepad++ master race

It was not, should be fixed now though.

Vim master race

Been using VSCode since it was released, really loving it so far - this extension really helps!

Thanks a bunch.


I absolutely love it, thank you very much for this realease!

Dammit, why can’t we have this for VS 2017 :frowning:

This is fantastic. Making the switch over from N++ immediately. Thank you.

sticky notes are the best out there

Just updated to 1.1.0.

  • Added keyword autocomplete
  • Fixed some functions not highlighting
  • Removed HTML and miscellaneous other things from function descriptions I somehow didn’t notice for 6 months

Edline is superior to all else, and I’ll hear nothing against that fact.

I might consider dropping my npp for this one. Can’t wait to try it out.

I love you so fucking much.

After discovering this extension, I quite like it!

Minor suggestion:
unknown functions aren’t highlighted (in my case, the yellow) like known ones are. Could the custom functions get a unique color? That’d be awesome.