Im not sure where to post this :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, im just wondering what the function to create a file is. Im making a test-script (im new to the whole GLua thing.)

What do you mean to “create a folder?”

Im so dumb XD

I ment to create a FILE. Like, a .txt file.


Like in the data folder?

code_gs… Thank you XP

I was looking for it and I was just confused.

however However how can you write the file in a directory that’s inside data? Such as gmodserver\garrysmod\data est?

Then, just add the path to your string in file.Write

OK, thanks!

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Is there a way to make a script loop? Like, it will pause for 30 seconds, then restart itself?

You would want to use a timer (

timer.Create ). Set repetitions to 0 for it to loop forever.