GluaScripts - CH/SF [Alternative]

Hello Facepunch Viewers,

Since Coderhire has shutdown me and a few friends have decided to make a alternative coderhire/scriptfodder website which is aimed at providing developers the best oppertunity to securely manage, update and monitor the script that they create. We aim to achieve this through:

Offering Secure Uploads and Downloads for scripts and media files by using a CDN to restrict users from directly downloading files without a handle request. This means that each download link is UNIQUE can’t be used more than once whilst also preventing the risks of leaking via direct downloads.

Allowing developers to monitor payment status’s from within the control panel in real time e.g. A User purchases the script and backcharges the payment the developer will be notified of a payment status change which can be used to escalate this issue to an admin.

All user input entries are set to disable also html script functionality to prevent script exploitation and session phishing to prevent unauthorised access to downloads, user data and developer control panels etc.

All payments are handled via an encrypted PayPal API which is dynamic for each purchase to prevent data from being stolen by malicious softwares.

We plan to launch the website on the 23rd of May 2015. The website URL is:

We will also be distributing 1 month of free developer status for all existing developers on ScriptFodder to allow them to make a smooth transition for their newer scripts. After the 1 month has expired you can renew the developer subscription at a cost of $5 per month should you choose to.

We are still looking for staff vacancies. If you are an experienced coder with tangible proof and wish to help. Feel free to contact me @

Features we plan to add before launch:

User to Developer Support Tickets
Script Updating and Multimedia Support
Jobs System
Post a Job System
Purchases and Downloads Page
Notifications and Emails
Suggestion Box

Future Plans:

Allow Developers the choice to use a custom terms of service
Coupon System
Website Scripts - Anti-leak and tracker (preventing things like donation systems from working if they are deemed leaked by developers - trackable to purchaser)
Developer API system

If you wish to request a feature which you think could be beneficial then please contact us.

Note: Site is still in development and certain aspects may not be fully functional - All purchases before the launch date will not deliver the products.

Kind Regards


Very nice & rich with features, good luck with the launch!

Can I ask you why did you make this website? AFAIK ScriptFodder and others are services that do their job just fine, so why did you feel the need to create yet another marketplace that seemingly does not offer anything unique?

I think competition is good, but competition only works if newcomers bring something new.

Can my steam name be stored in your database correctly? ("!𝖼𝖺𝗄𝖾")

EDIT: nevermind, just tested in a comment field, doesn’t work D:

it is because 𝖾 isn’t registered as a valid text symbol. Its proberably being blocked by the htmlspecialchars restriction function we are using to sanitise the username and input given to the server to prevent them being used for exploitation…

And we decided to open this as an alternative method for people sell scripts to people. Im not saying its going to be the new coderhire. We just want it to be a alternative so people have some choice on where they can get scripts from.

It also give people a fresh start. Personally i know around 10-15 coders who have previously been banned from both coderhire and Scriptfodder for silly reasons which aren’t related to leaking content, linking to leaked content etc. We hope this will be a second chance for those types of users who want to develop and share and pay for the scripts on the servers. Everybody makes mistakes and im not saying we will put up with them if they do it again.

This is what our main goal at this present time is.

No. htmlspecialchars has nothing to do with this and lets it pass through just fine.

htmlspecialchars is for converting strings to HTML strings. If you are using htmlspecialchars to sanitise input to the database you are doing it so so wrong.

What license would the scripts being sold on GLuaScript be under? And forgive me for not trusting a post count of 27 but how do we know this isn’t just a ploy to get developers to upload their scripts to a site, for you to use (eg, like server owners could steal dupes).

As i mentioned it was “possibly” why but i will look into this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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Thats Fine. And it would be under the same situation as the original coderhire was operating as regards the licence meaning it will be a “purchase usage rights” of the script but not to resell or redistribute. Also we plan to release our own products on this website such as my “GamePortal” Which is in short a complete website which will intergrate servers into a web interface e.g. stats, bans, leaderboards, server status and progress. As well as full steam friends integration.

I see your concern of this “stealing” issue however i have no intent in using this site for that reason. we merely want to offer an alternative site in which developers can choose to sell their scripts on. In time I hope we can earn the trust of these developers so that they may join us however it is ultimately their decision should they decide to sell scripts on our website.

Yeah sorry about that question, I only just realised that it’s a meaningless question, seeing as how one would deny it in both cases, without being able to prove it. If you are looking for moderators, I’m game though.

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Might I suggest for the site making the layout a bit more consistent? On some pages, it’s a full page column, on others, it has margins. I also don’t see the point in the banner at the top of the homepage, unless you are going to turn it into a sort of lightbox for well received uploads?

Oh god, nitrous servers. Im out.

We are currently looking for moderators however as mentioned earlier we do have a small team of people at the moment. Ideally i would like to hire the previous CH mods/admins. Already spoken to a few of them however they are too busy currently to help but I do have a couple of well known developers currently on the shortlist for when we launch.

Also like you said its a 1 vs 1 argument however for what it is worth I already to manage alot of sensitive data already on my day to day basis of running a hosting company ( feel free to go on live chat if you want to verify this.

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I will talk to the other devs about that and will work on this to see what we can do to improve it.

Also hello Andy :smiley: and what do you mean ‘nitrous networks’? I was never affiliated with them i think your thinking of the old community i was in ‘nitrous servers’.

So why bother even suggesting that people offer to moderate if you weren’t going to actually consider them?

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Pretty sure he said “nitrous servers”

lol he editted his post + i am going to consider them however it wont be over a 5 minute thing it will be people that the other admins/mods will decide. Also im just saying that we are looking for maybe 1 - 2 more mods when we launch depending on how much interest the site gets.

No Scriptfodder alternative has ever been successful since there has been no desire for one or any discontent with the business. This just seems like an attempt to cash in – late into the game that is – on that GLua scripting market.

White bar on the left bothers me a lot.

i never even noticed that “white bar” now i see it. (will fix it tommorow as its now 2:39am here)

Also some more feedback if you’re willing to accept it.

I love the profile page, the format in my opinion is extremely clean and I missed having reviews as a possibility for the user. The only issue I can see here for now is importing the Steam name.[/t]

I would suggest leaving it blank for the user to fill out themselves.

As for the home page (and again this is just my opinion) I would make the featured scripts and jobs smaller. This would allow you to fit a lot more without making the page stretch too tall. You could also add a line at the bottom of the header image so if (for example) someone uses a white background like the sample image then it won’t look off as it does now.


Other than that the site is pretty to look at and well laid out, the only issue I could potentially see is load times but that may just be my internet at this time.

Ok. We will add a faint grey line below the image (same as above the image). Also we will be making the image into a link like the text is currently. As for the information on the left thats just a full output of the steam api we will be removing some of that later.

Also we can look at adding hide “country”, “real name” and stuff like this from public on this UCP. However we want to limit the overall amount of “input” as user has whilst not restricting them completely.

ScriptFodder is the ‘big dog’ in the business since it started.
It’s staff and administry consists of well-known people (and me lol) - unlike yours.
It already has a huge customer base and a ban base - unlike yours.
It’s already in a fully usable state - unlike yours.

In other words - if your website provides just a slightly better-looking profile pages, how is it going to attract potential coders and customers?
Not to mention the fact - how are you going to persuade people into moving to your website, after all the money they have spent, all the money they have earnt and all the features your website obviously lacks?

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And who the hell are your admins?
One doesn’t even have his steam profile setup.
Like, am I meant to trust a guy like this with my scripts?

Maybe I am too sceptic or maybe I don’t give a crap, but you are really late to the party hombre.

Crap, I should get some sleep, 4AM. bb

That Divsinfotech guy is a odesk coder currently working on one of our backend systems for file security. (His admin status is only temporary).

Also we are already AWARE of this Neth, When all said and done we are just an ALTERNATIVE. Also if you read the thread its still in DEVELOPMENT. Meaning its not 100% fully done.

Also to answer your point about the moving sites. We aren’t forcing anybody to do anything like this but rather there will be some scripts that will be exclusive to our site rather than on the scriptfodder and also there is no reason why they can’t use BOTH websites.