GluaScripts - CH/SF [Alternative]

Why pay twice then?
The fact that SF is more popular means that any customers you’ll get will go through SF first.

It’s like placing the same advertisment on the entrance to the one-way tunnel and it’s exit - nobody is going to look back when leaving the tunnel, yet you pay twice.

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Well, except as Nook pointed out on steam - the people banned from SF would look back.

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Also, your ‘alternative’ in this context means alternative for leakers.

What are you even doing? This is like that stupid shit you see in the movies to where a guy in a black suit approaches you in the alleyway saying you should get out of town.

I’d rather know all cons and pros of a website before using it as a source of my income.

Also, who are you?

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Nevermind, don’t answer, I lost interest in this thread - I started shitposting.

I really do like your guys design of the website, and I think this would/could open up another door to some people who would sell there scripts/addons on both websites, and if they do, maybe they’ll have better sales; since having your script for sale on a another site instead of just one site.; but It would depend on how popular you website gets. I for one would like to try your website out.

you need to reread your posts sometime to make sure the tone you’re putting across isn’t too cunt-y


Don’t worry, I know.

Looks good so far, I really like the colour scheme you’re going with. The only real issues I have with it is that the site runs a bit slow, you’re using Apache, and you probably should have customized bootstrap a bit more.

For your web server, I recommend nginx it’s faster and arguably more secure. Other than those small-ish things, I wish the best of luck. From what I’ve seen, it’s very stressful when you’re not only responsible for you creations, but other people’s as well. If you can pull it off, you will definitely do great.

Maybe not quite the word you were going for Lego

Midnight + Blindly clicking first thing that the computer suggests when you misspell a word = bad

All I’m going to say after reading your posts is that this makes me dislike ScriptFodder even more. Your immaturity and arrogant attitude tells me a lot about the kind of person you are. People who respect others would either not post on their competitor’s threads, or wish them luck. You see alternatives as competition which scares you, so you came on this thread to bully and harass OP in a vein attempt to discredit someone you literally know nothing about by getting Steam community screenshots and old posts.

It’s sad that this kind of toxic bullying is now normal in the Garry’s Mod community.

My opinion, take it or leave it.

To begin with, I want to preface my opinions by saying I hope you aren’t doing this to cash grab, and instead, to gain knowledge or possibly compete with SF. If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, people will pickup on it quickly, and you probably won’t get far. Of course, your site will always get traffic - regardless of what people think. I just personally think it’s a good idea to take the initiative to actually listen to peoples feedback during the development stages and learn from the mistakes that previous websites have made.

I also would like to see if this turns out unique, and becomes its own alternative to scripts that wouldn’t even be compared to SF. Not because it’s better, but because it offers an entirely different service then its counterpart. It’s your decision, what that may be, and whether it focus’ on jobs more, or offers something else - I don’t know. All I do know, is I’d hate to see this website just be a copy/paste of scriptfodder with different colors. It’s already been done, and I don’t think it worked out too well. Of course, this is your decision and if what you have in mind is all you expect from it then so be it. The way I look at it, as a consumer not a developer, is I’ll probably stick to SF unless you show real promises of offering something different that will benefit me.

In regards to the current state of the website, it’s looking good. I’m not a design wizard so I can’t really give input on whether your color palette is good, or if your layout is ‘clean’ or intuitive. However, you are taking steps away from the regular format I see from script marketplaces which is nice to see.

You can take Netheous’ post with ignorance, but you shouldn’t; he raises a fair point. In the direction you’re heading right now, you won’t compete with SF in any field. SF wins the race in almost every category which is why I think you need to create your own race and separate yourself from SF. This isn’t going to be easy, and I sorta chuckled when I read it over myself. But you don’t really have a choice. You may not know, but this thread has been made several times over by other people and they never make it too far. To be honest, you don’t really have much on your side.

In conclusion: If you don’t standout from SF, your website will inevitably maintain traffic but it will be limited to the people that are either banned, pissed off at, or don’t know about ScriptFodder. In all cases, this isn’t too beneficial for you. In the end, I do wish you luck. I think everyone should be given a fair chance in their creations, regardless if the idea is original or not. Don’t let the other posts get you down - try your best and if its not what you want then move on.

I like this guy :D.

Also Neth like i have said 3 time already ITS AN ALTERNATIVE. We are just offering people MORE CHOICE. Additionally yes it does allow the “leakers” a 2nd chance however PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. Just because people may or may not have leaked something once doesn’t mean its going to happen again and again for EVERYBODY in this category. Some people deserve a second chance and that is mainly what we are going to aim at for now until we grow bigger. Also as i mentioned if people DO decide to leak again then they will get banned.

Also referring to what Karp was saying about uniqueness. We are currently in talks with the php encryption software developer - SourceGuardian about implementing a secure anti-leak api and optional core encrypting to place trackers and possibly a license system into. This will be to help prevent web based products like donation systems from being widely distributed and nulled however this is going to be a while before this is built.

We are also aware its an uphill battle as the underdog however its worth a try.

I think he is scared of the underdog :wink:

We are limited to the web server type atm as it is currently running on website hosting dedicated server until we make enough to put it onto its own dedicated server/vps.

Also Neth if your just going to keep

then you aren’t really doing you or SF any favours. If you read the comments you have made above so far this is how anybody reading this would view you as ‘arrogant’.

Llamalord said what needed to be said, dont fuck up your own site’s reputation by piggy backing on what he said trying to get a few more “blows” in. Move on

The one thing that annoys me about all the new sites is the fact that scripts are the main focus, with jobs second priority. Sites that do this and make you pay just make me think that it’s a cash grab, because really, it doesn’t take ages to write a job system.

A site where jobs would be in focus and maybe developers could like have a section where they offer their service, and in general where developers(not “I can install DarkRP weapons”) could be hired for communities would be useful, as scriptfodder job section is alot just saying “I need help with my addon” or “I pay $50 for a custom gamemode”. but scriptfodder is the main site for all the scripts, so starting literally the exact same thing with another design isn’t the best idea. Why not have the job section in focus with some more features like developer for hire etc and then maybe have a Scripts section that isn’t the primary source? like Coderhire, the name suggests hiring a coder which seems like it primarily was intended to be a way to find and communicate with coders, but it wasn’t

In short your suggesting that we could make a system like this:

Developers select what they are good at and people can search for a developer that has the skills/expertise in the area they are looking for and can contact them. Also by adding a “Timeframe” system where developers can say “unable to start for 3 weeks” because they have other jobs/developments etc.

Also i see you point. Jobs are going to be added to our site but at the moment we just want to get the developer side of it done before adding jobs (wont be long till jobs are added)

We may also add a idea submission box where users can suggest an idea which developers can get into contact with them about or develop it and release it.

I feel like the best way to go about making a popular site is offer something ScriptFodder does not. For example, we’ve had a lot of other selling sites pop up (coderflow, scriptbucket, coderhigher or something i swear there’s been three??) but they don’t take off the way SF does. All of them look very similar and it’s quite easy to tell they’re using a bootstrap base. Even a unique design would be a neat way to stand out

A really good example here is Adam Burton, who went onto do which is for hosting free addons - that’s taken off, that gets a lot of traffic and every one really likes it. It’s different and has a friendly layout

So yeah, my advice would be to maybe add some pictures or formatting to the OP since it’s a little awkward to read and maybe try to think of a unique spin to put on it

You are right guys, sorry for being a jerk yesterday.
No excuses, I just felt like making someone’s life miserable (I guess I should stop posting when I feel like being a tool).
I even had a rule “no posting after midnight”.

I hope the good and fair competition will only affect both of the websites positively and I’ll surely try the trial month.

Something like where people can put up jobs (developers put up the jobs) in any category like “I can install darkrp weapons” and then it’s first reviewed by the staff, like a rotated scriptfodder. Although if it’s limited to garrys mod it might not work too well… since everything is just “I can do lua bla” which is what everyone would be doing. Well, something that allows communication between server owners and developers, more than just a script and ticket page… I’m not sure, I’m just giving suggestions as I find it unlikely that a SF copy would get anywhere.

edit: to expand on the rotated scriptfodder I mean that instead of: developer puts up script, people buy it, it’s: developer puts up what he can do and any server owner can contact him easily. Although the problem is the price tag for these things. But adding a section like this + a better jobs section + regular scripts would cover areas that scriptfodder doesn’t I guess.

I would really like to see jobs categorised/tagged with vgui or lua something that would help coders find jobs tailored to their abilities and maybe some tags for non lua related stuff eg logo design and website coding etc