Gm_chateau_renevated... chateau but not full of holes

I decided to remake chateau but not with all the holes in walls, closed windows, etc.

Heres the shots of it so far.

Bomb site A with the bridge and balcony fixed.

Grand Hall 1

Grand Hall 2

Dining Room

Dont know wot to call this one. but its the bit between site A and the water.

The whole floor in this area was gone. Its above the room next to the grand hall.

Room to the side of grand hall (below the above shot)

Room next to library at CT spawn.

Library at CT spawn.

The room which had a whole going to water.

Bomb site B with all the roof, etc. fixed.

Room between B and the wine celler

Wine celler from top of stairs.

Wince celler from next to way in from T spawn.

Another angle of the wine celler.

View into tunnel from wine celler.

Any comments?

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