Gm_construct_universal (complete)

archive: GitHub - duckduckers/gm_construct_universal-archive
complete: GitHub - duckduckers/Gm_construct_universal

Any pictures of the map progress or anything?

Put a secret creepy dark room like in previous gm_ construct

Needs a bunker

Log 1:
Making Bunker (W.I.P) (Asked By ubre)
Added Dark Room (With Blood And a Body) (Asked By Pøséìdéñ)

You could turn the distant city/buildings in the background into an actual part of the map and add new content there

Put a pentagram in dark room

i don’t know how to make a pentagram so im going to make a cross

log 2:
-added cross in the dark room
-made a town/added a new area to the map
-added a weird tower in the new area
to do:
-add a door for the bunker


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May we see it? :slight_smile:

can you post some images of your work i think if you doing this many poeple will download your map (include the small internet connection)