.GM File Extractor

So I logged on to Steam today to find that my addon with 1003 ratings has been banned with no reason stating why.

I didn’t keep a backup of my file, I never expected this. It won’t let me subscribe or anything to my addon, and the .gma in the addon folder is not there. Download buttons didn’t work, except for on steamcommunity.com.
It downloaded a .GM file of my addon but all the extractors for .gm files are broken, i’ve searched everywhere.

Seems like .gma is the only compatible format for current working extractors, but for some reason steam decided to download it in .GM. Does anyone know what I could do from here? I have since stopped working all my addons. Haven’t touched them since 2013, however, my addon was my most subscribed and people are quite disappointed that it’s gone, and I want to fix it for them. All help is appreciated, thank you.


Post link to your addon and I’ll tell you why it’s banned. The .gm files uploaded to workshop are compressed and must be extracted with 7zip before you can extract them with .gma extractor.

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FYI: Reuploading the addon is not the solution, it will be banned anyway.

I looked over my addon and I realized it was the only one without credit to the modelers, it was my first addon and I forgot to. My other 3 all have credit assigned and they are not messed with. I’m going to download 7zip and try extracting like you just said and when I reupload I will give credit to the Gamebanana model authors.

Thanks Robotboy, this is the second time you’ve helped me, I appreciate it.

You don’t have to reupload it, just fix the description of the old one and send the the link to that addon. If it was banned for that of course.

I extracted it with 7zip and GmadConv and got the addon back, thank you so much.
I don’t understand why you want the link though, it’s banned and only visible to the author.
Here you go http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=164656835

Because I can unban it. Gotta apologize for the ban, it was reported with the link to the addon itself, I should’ve paid attention to it. :v:

Thanks, I appreciate the help in restoring it. You have made 17,000 subscribers happy. GG

And you got the megaupload achievement!

Almost, I think it’s at about 950ish thumbs!