GM Freecity Plaza

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It’s finally here! The sequel to GPK_Freecity, based on Mirror’s Edge. Ziplines, red doors and bright colours. It’s all in there.


Full gallery of development screenshots here.


People are free to use my custom models and materials as long as they give credit to Hiyougami and provide the URL to my site, [noparse][/noparse].


Thanks go to the following for testing and suggestions:


And to these people for resources and help:

Dosycool - Gameplay inspiration
Sineskeller - In-game music, thanks!
Philip/3kliksphilip - Mapping explanations
Everyone at for textures
Propsareawesome - Constructive criticism
Johan/ - Fonts
Darkein - Teaser music! (though I wasn’t able to contact him)
Robert Briscoe/ - Mapping inspiration , cc & design help
Magnus Birgersson/Solar Fields - Musical inspiration & usage help

NOTE: This is a zip file containing a DOWNLOAD LINK as well as some bonus content - I had trouble uploading Plaza in its entirety to, so an alternative file host was the logical way to go. For the impatient:


It’s been ten months, and I’m really very happy to release this for everyone’s gaming pleasure!
If you have any questions, my email is [EMAIL=“”]


Very nice, can’t wait to try it out.

I Love the map, but whenever I enter it, it lags ME SYSTEM LIKE A POT O’ GOLD, if ya’ know what I mean, matey! My computer is pretty good, as I can run gmod on it’s highest settings. I do not know my specs.

This is what I feared. I optimised the map as much as I could, and always kept lower-end systems in mind, regularly sending out alpha versions to many testers on different machines around the world. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Valve’s VIS system, a lot more is rendered in wide open spaces than usual.

Crap, well thanks.

Does the flashlight lag your computer? There’s an env_projectedtexture (basically a flashlight entity) in the blue electricals room to give a particular lighting effect, that might be the problem?

So pretty… you have talent, my friend. :slight_smile:

I was playing through it and I saw something moving on a balcony above me. Anyone know what it is?

“Death From Above”, my friend. You’re happy you didn’t see.

Elaborate on death from above, what was it :ohdear:

Are you seriously thanking, The worst mapper ever?

Oh my fuck I just noticed that, fuck 3kliks watch my tutorials :v:

I downloaded this yesterday and played through it, I like it.

All of the nice ambient light seems to whitewash its hyperblockiness. The street and kerb in the second screenshot really look bad.

Gman running like hell xD

S’cuse me mate? Yes, his old tutorials taught bad habits and nooby methods, but his new stuff is much better (and of course, he isn’t the only tut-maker out there). He also lives near me, we share messages over FP.

I kinda agree, that part was originally closed off but I later decided to open it up. However, the curb is rounded at the corners. How may I improve that particular area?

Finally cant wait to test it

Don’t do this, every time he gets dissed, he shows up in a hissy-fit, then most the mapping community counter hissy-fits. Then everyone ends up banned.

This level looks like Apple designed it lol. But really, it looks extremely nice!
I do have a question - does it have npc nodes?

That is AWESOME, I love Mirrors Edge, it looks perfect, really nice map >:D