gm geekroom v2

Hello, sorry if my post seems basic, I haven’t posted in a while

General Information:

The second version of the very popular gm geekroom, having started off rat maps after many years of none gm geekroom was a huge success, now brace yourself for the epic adventure! As the size of a mouse, you get to roam free within the room climbing up surfaces going inside computers and crawling though cracks in floorboards! what will you do?


A view from the mirror

Inside the server

Under the bed



The map is available to play on the Fortex Hotel Alpha server, here’s the ip:

more information and download links available at:

there is also a duplicate thread at:

Just found a Youtube video of me testing the map before it was released, thought people might like to watch it:

awesome as always luke

Looks delicious, downloading now!

Very original. I like it a lot. Nicely done.

When I saw the first pic I though that it was a reference photo. Well done.

Is it as big as source allows?

does this require CSS?

its custom textures, so no i would say


Its custom textures, so no :slight_smile:

Can I have that server?..Oh wait, it’s not real? Fooled me pretty well.

Nice job! Looks really well put together and honestly quite fun to mess around on. Good work on the custom textures and “mirror” too.

Idea for the mirror: Use an RT cam and have it output to the mirror; place the RT cam literally right in front of and centered on the mirror.

Nice work as always.

Very nice map, one question.

Names of the five songs?
Or six or how much there was

My Question is how do you stop them, clicking on all of them only makes them start again!!!

It won’t be such a shock to me if the map starts getting banned on servers due to sound spaming, But alright map…

Yesterday I was playing on this map for like 3 hours without getting bored.

If you don’t want the sounds to be spammed, the buttons can be removed and if you get someone who does spam the songs, just type stopsounds in console :smiley: hope that helps

You finally released it! I remember playing the beta when there was no screens…

Sweet,especially the view in the mirror.

Looks awesome, nice mirror view :slight_smile:

Lol everyone likes the mirror then… maybe I should release more maps with mirrors haha.

This is a great map. Awesome work Luke. Now, to sift through the hard drive of that computer for pr0n. jk :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not angry or anything, But next time make that a reply to my question.