(Gm) - Ianna's Temple.

Hello, I am 20-14 and today I’d like to show you what I am working on, but before I do, I’d like to underscore that I am a newbie, I know very little both about designing and logistic operations in hammer, anyway I’m trying to do my best :slight_smile:

Map contains Voice-Overs, Cutscenes, Special Textures, My Tears and Time - and all of it is packed into .bsp files so you don’t have to download additional content.
Let me just add that Voiceovers are from Game, Blade of Darkness, special textures are not mine, credits will be given as I finish everything.
Additionally, without my friends I’d be unable to make map, their help is invaluable for me (Thank you guys).

But let us get back to topic.
Ianna’s Temple - a place from game Blade of Darkness holds Ianna’s Sword, but to retrieve it, you’ll have to pass through all kind of traps, and solve a lot of riddles.
Here is a… demo ( I think I can call it like that ) of my work.
Run the Gm_Iannastemple.bsp first and enjoy.

http://filesmelt.com/dl/Iannas_Temple1.rar - Contains 2 maps ( Rest is WIP )

Here are some pictures :




Additional note :

You know… I was thinking of baking a mod, but I have no expirience with creating those.
If you want to help me with mapping or talk about making those maps a mod, feel free to add me to the Friends list and to join my community.
I’d be greatful for any kind of help, from modelling to coding and help with mapping.
My Nick on Steam is 20-14
That’s about it.

That was pretty sick. Fun to play sp maps for once. I just really liked the atmosphere of it.
I thought the part with the saws was too hard though and had to noclip past it.

It’s important to find the rhythm of sawblades and it’s also important to know on which pillars you have to jump. And part with moving pillars is easy to solve.
Thanks for your opinion I’m glad you like it.

You guys oughta try this. It’s quite fun. Amazing atmosphere and really Epic considering it’s a Wip.

This topic is dying :c people are so amazed with multiplayer maps that I think singleplayer maps are wasted effort now :frowning:
I’ll finish this WIP anyway. Nothing will stop me.

Not really.

While I love the originality behind this I think many people don’t like solving difficult puzzles like the ones in the map.

The visuals were also a bit boring at certain times. Just empty corridors.

Understandable, but as I said before, I’m only a newbie.
I do what I can to keep it classy, often (all the time) without planning. I just get idea and I throw it into SDK.

hows progress on these maps?