GM LAN Party - need advice

Hello! We are organising lan party for 8 people (4vs4 or 8 coop). We will be in one house with adequate lan infrastructure.

One of the games we want to play is garrys mod, since we heard is awesome&fun. BUT we have no experience with it.

All of us just have the game. We want to play recommended modes (prop hunt, ttt, murder, zombie survival).

  1. Do all of us need to have specific modes? So do all of us need to find specific mod and subsribe it in workshop (I see prop hunt, but many people are reporting issues with it, what with ttt for example)?
  2. Do all of us need to have specific maps? Maybe only host needs to have them, and they will be downloaded while joining server?
  3. I already know we have to download CSS textures, so this is covered.
  4. Maybe you can recommend some other awesome&easy modes for 8 people?
  5. Is there anything else I need to know to avoid long install party, so we can swiftly start with playing the game?
  1. Yes, or you can use resource.AddWorkshop/AddFile on the server.
  2. Refer to #1
  3. No, just make sure you don’t install too many items or it will slow down DL times.
  1. Melon bomber is fun and also try morbus - it’s something like the ship and TTT combined sprinkled with some space horror.

dogfight: arcade assault