gm micro paradise v2 - WIP


Or from toybox!

Hi this is my second version of gm_micro_paradise. It got quite alot of popularity on toybox and people quite liked it. On my release thread for the first version, a lot of people were very annoyed at me for only spending 5 hours on it and various other things.

The second version took alot longer, and it has:

Paradise Island Addition (see screenshots)
Improved lighting (angled shadows)
Smoothed displacements by pond
Modified water texture (nicer)
Changed house textures (outside walls, inside walls)
Opening skylight addition to house
Nicer flatgrass area with fence and water (that works!)

Please note that I am still learning hammer and my mapping skills are far from complete, and that this is work in progress. I will gratefully take constructive critisism, but I will ignore any negative or insulting comments.


The yellowness of the lighting bugs the everloving SHIT out of me.

Thanks for the feedback, I think the exposure is too high coupled with the env_sun’s colours. Will make better in next version!

the house is too blocky, you could have shapen it up.

Fog color doesn’t match the skybox

The bases of your map is nice, I like the island, you have done a good job with the displacement there. And your water texture is nice. But, this map is too yellow and green and just looks dodgy. Also, it’s very block. The house is just a standard 4 brushes and the wall around it is just 4 long brushes. And also that pool at the bottom is just one long cut out brush, filled with water. Make the bottom picture more displaced and add a few props. You should think about adding a lot more detail to your map. Adding brushes that come out the walls, decals, props will all cut up the outside of the building, make it look more realistic. Also, you need to delete that fence going round the edge of the map, it just looks soo out of place. But, good job none the less. I’m guessing this is one of your first maps, keep up the work, practice makes perfect and don’t let anything pull you down.

This is my 4th proper project. My skills are indeed far from complete. But thanks for your feedback as it is useful. In my understanding of what you said, the pool by the house is just cut out, however it is infact also a displacement.

In my next version I will make the lighting less yellow, I might compeltely re-do the house and make that skybox larger. Plus add decals etc.

This map isn’t designed to have lots of props, the point is that the user of the map customizes it themselves.

My last project demonstrates some of my better skills, this is not advertising but I just want you to look at the screenshots here:

It has its own problems but I spent more time on that one, it is blocky aswell but I am learning!

I will continue to develop my skills and slowly become better, I have plenty of time for that considering I’m only 15 (lucky I’m not one of those stubborn idiots who won’t ever improve because they can’t accept critisism).

Your tips have been useful, thanks!

It wasn’t meant to, but if it does look better, thanks for the tip!