GM Middle of Nowhere

A map themed off of one of my favorite televisions shows as a kid. Courage the Cowardly Dog!

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Mirror (day):
Mirror (night):


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fuck YES!

Courage the Cowardly Dog was fucking awesome!


I was expecting some sort of terrible flatgrass remake, but holy shit that is awesome!

Mapping king for you sir.

Very awesome! I loved that show when I was growing up. Then I saw this and had a nostalgia moment.

I wish this show still came on as much as it used too, but this shit Cartoon Network puts out now is just dooming them.

Any way, Great Job! cant wait for the night version later!


Childhood Memories.


my reaction to this map

Ha ha, I noticed the night picture before I read anything and instantly thought of Courage. Great job.


Too awesome. I’m downloading both (although the night version is more reminiscent of the show). Now we need some ragdolls, and maybe even a gamemode if someone feels the urge. I may go post a request… because I don’t have the skill set to create either xD

Thank you.

You should put this up on ToyBox, you might reach a few more people (those who live under a rock).

I love it! It brings back memories~


Great map

Damn that hits me hard with nostalgia. Great map.

Return the slaaaaaab

Yes! That was an awesome show.

The night map is AMAZING. It’s atmospheric and the King Ramses sounds are awesome.

Also, I don’t see the pump anywhere. It was in the Eggplant episode and a couple of others.

I got lazy

Maybe later you can do the huge ass barn that was in a few of the episodes?

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Ugh, just now noticed it. Sorry, I’m too unobservant.