Welcome to gm_pist. This started with my recreation of the Point Insertion station from HL2. The map isn’t supposed to be 1:1 or a faithful remake; instead, I got it as close as I could and then made my own additions. There are many things that are my own props that I made using propper. The map is still massively WIP, but I hope to take you along the journey. Pist stands for…P(oint) I(nsertion) St(ation).I think I’m just gonna stick with pist.

What is the map type?

Vehicle and Trainbuild. While primarily trainbuild, I enjoy making my maps explorable by cars as well. Wheres the fun, otherwise? You feel like you can go anywhere.

Is every building explorable?

Due to the limitations of me being shit at mapping and Source 1 being almost half my age, no. Some will be, significant buildings I aim to ben enterable to some degree. The station is fully explorable; it features a spawn room!

When will it be released?

How longs a piece of string? As long as it is; as long as it takes.

What will I require?

Upon release, a few things. The standard Half-Life 2 games and CSS, also possibly L4D2 and RealWorldTextures. You will also need Magnum’s trakpak2 addon. However I am hoping to get these ‘packed into’ the map, so fear not, you may not need to buy anything just yet.

Your map looks…square-ish…and gloomy!

Ye dare judge me mappin’?! Well…you’re right, it does. I hope this isn’t going to be the case all over the map, but it may be a sacrifice I have to make for optimisation. Can’t win them all. I’m also aiming for a HL2-esque ‘feel’ to the map. If I get sick of it later I may just add hdr_militia to the skybox and we can be happy and have a nice bright map as usual.

Featuring the Combine’s Nova Prospekt platform to not Nova Prospekt, This currently bare platform is where you can store your mighty military trains. Or just use it as another platform. Your choice.

Located where Barney’s room was, with a different look altogether, I have turned this location into a spawn room with an information board. Admins love that kind of thing…right?

Also features my own custom made lights. Basic, but effective.

Don’t criticise too loud…this is my base of operations. Featuring the nice little fence queue area and a (passable) combine shield.

The cafe area, unfinished for now, but you can get an idea of what’s going on. I may in the future take the step to simply remove the tables and keep the kiosk in the middle for customisation reasons. Give me your thoughts on this, as I have been debating this room for ages. The roof is a bit rubbish, and I may decide to redo it.

The platform area itself. Breen’s having technical difficulties.

Don’t worry, the platforms are longer than your dads ego for once. You can fit medium sets in here.

Going back a little bit from the fence queue area, the stairs lead to this (albeit on the otherwise of where this picture has been taken). You can see a security office, or a ticket office if you fancy.

Also stairs to go to the upper area, which leads to the pedestrian entrance.

Seating because…seating.

Four rooms available for custom stuff. Fill your boots!

The prisone-…pedestrian entrance.

And a quick overview shot of the town. The buildings are not enterable, but the roads certainly are. Fun fact: the buildings, roads, and lamp posts are all props! (Except the station, of course)

That’s all for now, stay tuned. Also…give me suggestions, I’m terrible for making up new stuff!


Good stuff :call_me_hand:

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Thank you! I’d love to make this in Source 2, but I have a few issues mainly lack of resources. I know when the time is right I’ll give it a crack.

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Very cool! Excited to look back at this post in a few weeks and see the progress. Can already tell it’s going to look great.

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gm_pissed :clinking_glasses:


Slow progress but I am hoping to progress a bit! I have started making some models akin to a (train) model pack, so I’m excited to be able to use things like those on the map :slight_smile: