GM+: Player Interaction Overhaul (Game Prettifier/Smoother)

GM+ is a complete overhaul of many client systems and effects, such as new view bob and a new crosshair configuration. It also adds other features on top of the ones it changes, like view smoothing, vehicle speed effects, and more. GM+'s features are largely passive or triggered through certain events; it works in the background to make your Garry’s Mod experience look and feel better.

• Dynaview: Camera and viewmodel smoothing, sprinting angles, recreated view bob, reworked view punch, and more. Has sound effects - like ironsight in/out, and landing - for various Dynaview-related actions.
• Firstperson: See your playermodel in first-person! Has synced animations, vehicle support, and smoothing.
• Headshot: Shows a new killicon (think Counter-Strike) and plays a sound when a player or NPC dies from a headshot.
• Holster: Displays (supported) weapons on playermodels. Has support for Firstperson, so you can see your holstered weapons on your first-person playermodel.
• HUD: GM+ comes with a circle-dot crosshair configuration for better accuracy while using GM+ (it looks cool too, if I do say so myself).
• DSP and Post-Processing: Audio and image deformation, dynamically rendered based on your current health; the more damaged you become, the more the effects are pronounced.
• Heartbeat, Wind, Physgun, and other sound effects.
Everything is customizable; nearly every single aspect of this addon has a corresponding console variable. To view a full list of features as well as an in-depth description of how to configure them, see the Configuration Guide thread in the Workshop entry’s discussions area (linked below for convenience).

Learn how to configure GM+ and ask about GM+'s features in the Workshop entry’s Configuration Guide thread.
Post bug reports in the entry’s Error Reporting thread.
You can always post here if you don’t feel like visiting the Workshop, but I will respond much faster there than here.

Would be great if you could provide a video demonstrating the features.

There’s one on the workshop page but some guy made it for me so there’s a shit ton of other addons running.
I don’t have the software to capture, and I can only run at an acceptable framerate if I have everything on low.

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Here I guess

also, why is there no cvar to disable the weapons on playermodel?

There is.

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gmp_holster_compat_firstperson_enabled 0 or something

how many damn times have i missed it?

so basically you need to lurk moar

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shit shit shit my automerge

I saw this when it first went on the workshop, was really impressed!

You should add some support for the fists swep. There is a severe lack of head movement with this enabled.

The only thing i don’t like, oh what the hell , what happened to the rest of my sentence, anyways, what i meant was that even though i disabled Sway and other things, when i noclip my view goes insane when i press A or D, (side strafing or whatever)

In more detail: The bones are all silly and doing so would cause other weapons that use the arms models to not work properly.
So basically I’d have to pull off some hackery and bypass my own system to get it to work, and even then it still wouldn’t look that good.

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What a very elaborate and well-thought-out post!

gmp_dynaview_lean_enabled 0

Awesome work!