GM:PlayerLoadout not running at all?

Just like the title says, my GM:PlayerLoadout isnt running at ALL. Does anyone know what could cause this?

function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )

pl:GiveAmmo( 255,	"smg1", 		true )
pl:Give( "weapon_twitch_mp5" )
pl:Give( "weapon_smg1" )
print "PlayerLoadout ran"


the only other things in my init.lua is a weapons checker and a random playermodel script.

Sounds like a virus.

If you overwrote GM.PlayerSpawn, throw this in your PlayerSpawn function:

gamemode.Call( "PlayerLoadout", pl )

Where pl is whatever the player object is.
Default code, for example

Wow. How could I forget to do that? I guess coding at 2 in the morning will do that to you. Thanks Kogitsune. :slight_smile: