GM publish errors

I need help with GMpublish. it keeps erroring whenever I try to upload.

I’ve tried everything. GMPU, Workshopper, GAC and even the old bat file/Gmad methods. nothing works.

The file has no illegal files, and it is under 300mb (276mb) uncompressed.
Whenever GMpublish tries to compress the gma, it instantaneously fails at the compressing stage, with no visible errors/prefixes. only “Compression -> failed!”, before the cmd window auto-closes

it seems it is able to upload files smaller that 150MB (uncompressed), but larger than that, and it fails.

I think it’s just timing me out, but what on earth is wrong here? and how do I fix this issue?

No idea why this linking is broken. Scroll down to the second heading titled “Common Errors”

In the end, I had to split it up to 150mb files, and upload them.

still, have we really been stuck with these unwieldy tools for two years? where the bloody hell are the developers? on top of this, ambient_generic errors. the most basic entity in a map, and they’ve ruined them. and I don’t see anything more than a small thread on it! has Rust development really been given such a high priority?