gm/rp_noname (WIP)

Hi, we’ve just started on this map and here is a picture for us to make.

the whole map (about to be updated later)
whats probably going to be the city

this map will be splitted into two parts, one where everything is in order and one where everything is destroyed. basically, were splitting this into pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic. Please tell us what you think about our plans, ingame screenshots will appear shortly.

l2 image tags

Learn to spell.

The idea seems good, but a few images of what the hell you’ve made so far, maybe of some houses or something.

learn to make nice posts

Not my fault he was being lazy and didn’t want to spell out “Learn to”.

Wow to lazy to even lift your fingers and type two words out?

AN update for you guys

there will be a new thread to accompany this one with regular updates