GM/RP_seastation - You want undersea domes? You got undersea domes! (my 3rd "sealab" map)

I’m here to inform you of a new undersea map in the works; one to join the ranks of my other gm_sealab and gm_seabase_alpha maps. It will probably be called “seastation” if I can’t think of better name before its release.

It will include, to the gratification of many users’ requests, the big glass domes that everyone always talks about.

The map WILL include a drivable, brush-based submarine that is airtight, and will primarily be used for the transport of lab technicians to and from the multiple domes that will be scattered throughout the map.

Do any of you have any other cool suggestions for the map? I will consider them. In the meantime, here are links to my gm_sealab and gm_seabase_alpha maps for you to get a feel of my style:

Proof to sphinxa279, xeonmuffin, Sirrus, Firegod522, and IronPheonix that I was not full of shit about my working submarine:

Here is the sneak peek:

Amazing. i love your maps.

That’s some pretty pretty coral.

IMO seaweed is pretty meh but there must be a reason for that etc.

Keep the seaweed. Why is the entrance going through a cave it looks unrealistic, it doesn’t look bad though. Try placing it somewhere else away from the dome
You should make the whole dome a covered a tiny bit by sand on the bottom to make it a bit more realistic looking

It looks kind of low quality like a 2001-2004 game, but I kind of like that, it gives it a neat look.

Good luck.

No, no it won’t.

Airtight, no.
Brush-based, eugh.

it’s not possible brah without extensive work and inputs and outputs and once you’'re done, it’ll look crap…

I liked the previous maps, and this one certainly looks pretty cool, I’d probably prefer some slightly more realistic textures and design though.

Yes, I just requested a more realistic undersea base, what of it?

I believe you have a cone and not a dome.

After you’re finished, you must combine all the three maps into one map :v:

He might as well de-compile his .bsps and then do that, it’ll kill hammer.

wanna bet on it?

That’d be a safe bet, it’s up to him to decide whether or not it looks like crap.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your map.

Sure thing, you make a fully airtight, brush based, driveable submarine and I’ll buy you a title which says something of my choice obviously.

That airtight container is physically impossible in source unless you do some magic bullshit and make the best water code in existance.

Maybe if the whole ocean is cut into pieces of the size of the submarine and the water is func_water_analog and make it dissapear whenever you enter one. I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeaaaaah, no.

I give you:
-a bar of snickers! (in case you need extra energy)…

Seriously, I’m a little blown away about that sub…

Is the area outside the dome actually water? I’ve had some trouble with getting windows to show out into water, how did you manage it?

Link to my problem-

It’s a custom texture