GM/RP_Tornado_Village - 4th installation to Garry's Mod Storm Chasing.

“The Vman” = Tornado visuals, such as the debris and the tornado cloud.
“Rhapid Fyre/Rory84” = Tornado physics (the wind), the map creator.
“Moka/XenonFrame” = Server Owner, official map editor.
“Gene Starwind/Zero Bolt” = Server Admins, official map testers, video creators.

GM_Tornado_Alley =
– It’s in planning to upgrade the size of the map and replace the crapnado with the new tornadoes.
GM_Tornado_Highway =
GM_Tornado_Nightfall =
GM/RP_Tornado_Village = This thread.

The GM Tornado Content Pack can be found at:

The following map is titled “Tornado Village”. It is the fourth GM Tornado Series map to be installed to Garry’s Mod, and the first Tornado Roleplay map ever! You can roleplay as normal, with the risk of severe weather.

GM Version: - Tornadoes will occur randomly between two minutes, and fifteen minutes. Sirens can be activated by any player randomly throughout the map once every two minutes (to avoid siren spam). The weather station will provide doppler pictures for players, as long as the weather radar is still intact. The radio station will provide automatic E.A.S. activation on all radios and PA systems throughout the map, as long as the radio tower is still intact. There will be sufficient buildings for players to play with or hide within, as well as tornado shelters.

RP Version: - Tornadoes will be very rare, randomly occuring once between one hour, and three hours. Sirens will automatically be activated, to avoid player spam and to not disrupt roleplay. If the siren sounds, there IS a tornado coming soon! The Weather Station will provide doppler radar picture to the weather station control room as long as the radar is not broken. The Radio Station’s EAS button will turn RED when a tornado warning is issued, to allow the operator to activate EAS over the radios throughout the map, as long as the tower is still intact. There will be sufficient buildings for role play, such as a police and fire department, small hospital, gas station, homes, and hide outs, as well as tornado shelters for survival.

This thread was created for continuous suggestions, feedback, and criticism. This is likely to be the last tornado series map to be added, so I want to make sure it is perfect. Please, let me hear everything you have to say!

You can view the current development photobucket at:

Houses: 8/10 built. 0/10 destructible and reset-able.
Police Dept: 1/1 built. 0/1 destructible and reset-able.
Fire Dept: 0/1 built. 0/1 destructible and reset-able.
Gas Station: 1/1 built. 0/1 destructible and reset-able.
Weather Station: Completed! Not Tested
Radio Station: 1/1 built. 0/1 destructible and reset-able.
Boathouse: 0/1
Farm Field w/ Barn: 0/1
Highways/Roadways/Roadsigns: Completed! Not Tested
Intersection w/ stoplights: Completed! Not Tested



Added a working draw bridge. Check photobucket for updated pictures!

I am so ready.

Looks amazing.

Thanks. I don’t know when the release will be but it is being worked on. I am Active Duty US Army, so if I disappear for a little while don’t be surprised but don’t be disappointed. The map will be released, this is the most motivation I’ve ever had to make a map.

New screenshots posted on the photobucket. I will upload new screenshots to this thread when I have more time. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled today so I probably won’t be on for a day or two.

Now if I only knew how to make source vehicles.

I like that truck. Shouldn’t be too hard, the hard job is making them. Just look up some tutorials. I’d love to use it.

Uploaded some new pictures to the main post.

It would be cool if people had to build the shelters or houses, and the tornadoes would unfreeze/weld certain props and randomly, stronger houses being less likely to be destroyed

They can. Set a weight/break limit on your constraint tools, and build it with that.

I have a line on someone with a 1995 Dodge Ram ext cab/long box, but I have yet to hear back from them.

Main thread updated! Map is coming along.

Running into some problems like maximum amount of entities/brushes but solving them as they come. Just have to take some stuff out. :frowning:

why not use propper and turn stuff like this into props?

Will there be an admin room in the RP version?

Edit: Why is this rated dumb? It is a serious question if admins will have control over aspects like reset map entities or spawn tornadoes.

this map is gonna be AWESOME I know it will be. I am a huge fan of your tornado maps and is the transforming tornado gonna be in the map too like nightfall

I created an account just to reply to this thread. That’s how awesome this is. Will there be an F2 or F4 in it? BTW, You are the best at map making. Bravo!
EDIT: Speaking of possible terrain, could you [try] to add some wooded terrain? I live in an area with heavy wooded areas. Lots of trees. Lots of leaves. Lots of destruction when lightning hits.

F2 and F4 is the gamemode, not the map.

Not the keys F2 and F4. F2 and F4 tornadoes.

There will not be an F2 or F4 because of the little difference between each Fujita level in game. I can make a wooded area however it’s impossible to rip trees out of the ground at the current time since I cannot model.