[GM]Servers - Serious Real-Life Roleplay With A Twist


Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance everyone!

What is [GM]?
[GM] is an old community that houses several branches including Garry’s Mod, Minecraft and more. Our main focus is roleplay and getting people involved in the storyline.

What does [GM] stand for?
Throughout the years, it has stood for something different for each and every person, but recently we decided to finally give it an official name, Gerbil Mountain (reserved).

What are your goals and aspirations?
To take gaming to the next level, to create a new form of realism that has never been seen before.

What is the storyline for the current events?
Welcome to Paradise
You wake up with amnesia and have no memories. You can’t seem to be able to control yourself, as if you were in a dream.
As you explore your current location you realize that you are in paradise, a place that you have dreamed of but never actually been to.
You suddenly see other people walking around, a lot of them look the same and you wonder why.

You see a man jumping off a nearby cliff and people ignoring his demise, you wonder why.
You walk towards the edge and look down, the body is floating in the water but suddenly vanishes.
You get a bad feeling and you walk away from the edge. As you walk away you bump into someone, it’s the man that jumped off the cliff!
You ask him how he is alive, how he got there; he says: “I have no idea”.
The man glares at you for a second and suddenly walks off as if nothing happened.

You feel like drinking something that will help you relax when a bottle labeled “Whiskey” appears in front of you.
You drink it all and feel less thirsty but you realize that nothing else changes, you don’t feel intoxicated.
You walk over to the edge of the paradise and throw the bottle down, you wonder what the future will bring.
This place gives you a bad feeling, as if something was not right; even though it is a Paradise.
You suddenly feel less restrained, you are no longer held back and you can control yourself.

You can not escape the paradise, even death can’t save you. What you will make of your visit is up to you.

Welcome, to Paradise.

The Zodiac - Will you survive?
Eleven people receive a strange envelope that looks old. It is sealed with red wax and it intrigues them. They open the letter and by the looks of it, it’s an invitation to spend the weekend at a rural village in the mountains, all expenses paid! They are promised a lot of entertainment and the time of their lives. Little do they know that the Zodiac is pulling the strings, will they survive?

That sounds quite interesting, but for how long will it last?
The Paradise event will stop once the script is finished and the puzzles have been solved.
We’ll see how long the scary event lasts, we have not decided yet.

Puzzles in Paradise?
Yes, to keep everyone busy and entertained we come up with puzzles that they need to solve in order to get out. Teamwork is of course crucial in all of these puzzles.

Are you using a custom map?
The Paradise server is currently not up as we are making our very own custom map for it, screenshots can be seen below.

Screenshots of the new map (more will be available soon), W.I.P

Do you use any custom content for the Paradise server (once it’s up again)?
Yes, all of which can be downloaded from the server itself (fast/dl) or through our svn.

What makes you different from the rest?
It’s the way we roleplay that makes us stand out, it can’t really be described in words; it has to be experienced.
We do a lot of passive roleplay, big events happen all the time and we make sure that everyone gets involved.

We even have a comic that is based on the rp that occurs on the server:

Are you looking for able admins, mappers, modelers and such?
Absolutely, just apply on the forums!

Do you have any specific requirements when it comes to adminship?
You need to be dedicated and hard-working, besides that it’s pretty much common sense.

Can you give me any more information about possible recruitment to the team?
Absolutely, please visit the following thread for more information:

Do you have any servers at the moment?

Garry’s Mod Build/Spacebuild Server
Do you have a website/steam group or a forum that we can visit?

Absolutely! http://www.gmservers.co.uk

Garry posted on page two in the thread above.

Old Group - [GM]Roleplay
(The community was founded the year before this group was created).

New Group - For the whole community

Click the image to connect or enter the IP + Port manually.
**IP: **
**Port: **64741

In character Newspaper

Trailer for our new event

Facepunch group

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Thread Rules

  1. No trolling
  2. No flaming
  3. If you are going to criticize, be constructive!
  4. Stay on topic

Enjoy your stay!

I’m a member of the GM Community and the description that Myrrdin have done is exactly what it is. We are looking for players, if you feel like giving it a try, just do it!

I have been playing GM roleplay for years and it is the best roleplay around!
The people on the server are great and its all good fun.
I recommend!

I’m going to try this, sounds interesting.


I would like to be chuck norris.

I really enjoy the storyline, looking forward to get in-game. :smiley:

Edit: Epic… Fucking… Twist…

I have to say, the story is great and the admins are very friendly and helpful. It’s a one of a kind experience!

what can i say Great Servers! it is problerly the best rleplay i ever played

It looks nice, abit pretentious, allthough I don’t blame you for that, but nice.

Thank you for all of the comments! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask either in this thread, through PM or on the [GM] forums.

[GM] is the best community I have ever been part of, the admins are nice and helpful and they taught me to roleplay properly. I used to play DarkRP and my rp skills were not really anything to brag about, but they helped me improve and I felt very welcome. They are like a big family, one which I am glad to be a part of. The main branch (RP) is the one that I enjoy the most, but spacebuild and build are also fun. The admins are helpful with whatever problems I may have and have given me plenty of chances throughout the years.


Good people, good server, good concept.
Cant see why i shouldnt check this out

Thanks! Ever since I posted this thread the community has started to grow rapidly.

In 1-2 days we have 7 new trial-admins and 2 new mappers :slight_smile:

[GM] Roleplay is definately the best RP ive ever played in playing gmod for many many moons, this is seriously fun great story Myrrdin makes the best storys :smiley: PLAY IT

Are you Lindseth?

No, Lindseth is a new trial-admin on [GM].

I am the community founder, Myrrdin.

Most people call me Pete.

Can i join please been looking for a serious rp

Myrrdin, whenever I attempt to connect to the serious Roleplay server the connection fails( Doesn’t let me do the initial connection, not even get in the server ). Any assistance you can provide me?

Elite, you don’t need our permission to join and play on the server. It is not passworded and we will help you in any way we can if you need it.

Deutsch, you should be able to connect with no problems at all.

I’ll take a look at it right away.

Perhaps it is because you need to download too much content. You should try downloading our svn and joining again after that.

Here is a guide!


  1. Download and install Tortoise SVN http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/
  2. Restart your computer in order for Tortoise SVN to finish the installation completely.
  3. Create a new folder called gmrpcontent (DO NOT PLACE THIS ONE IN YOUR ADDONS FOLDER!)
  4. Right-click on it and select SVN Checkout…
  5. Where it says Url of repository enter:http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/gmservers
  6. Hit OK (If it asks you for a username/password it is either anon/anon or anonsvn/anonsvn
  7. When the process is finished, right-click on the folder and chose export
  8. Browse to your addons folder and let it export there.
  9. A folder called gmrpcontent should now be located in your addons folder, you are finished!
  10. Whenever you want to update, right-click the gmrpcontent folder that you created in step number 3 and select SVN Update. Afterwards repeat step 7 and onwards.

hmmm why are so many people 1-time posters?

Credits to the makers of RP08 please