GM Special Error

Hello … when i m using fading door tool on my server it works… but doesnt make a “shot”… and i get this error :

Unknown command: +gm_special
Unknown command: -gm_special

And VCMod ELS is not working and having same errors :

Unknown command: +gm_special
Unknown command: -gm_special

How to fix this ?

Do you have mouse1 bound to “+gm_special”?

Open the console and type “bind mouse1”, what does it say?

“mouse1” = “+attack”

and when i m pressing mouse4
i get this error :

FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: escape

For your first issue, type in: key_findbinding +gm_special. This should tell you if any keys/buttons are bound to that ccmd.

You can use bind mouse4 to find out what command is being called.

“KP_INS” = “+gm_special 0”
“KP_END” = “+gm_special 1”
“KP_DOWNARROW” = “+gm_special 2”
“KP_PGDN” = “+gm_special 3”
“KP_LEFTARROW” = “+gm_special 4”
“KP_5” = “+gm_special 5”
“KP_RIGHTARROW” = “+gm_special 6”
“KP_HOME” = “+gm_special 7”
“KP_UPARROW” = “+gm_special 8”
“KP_PGUP” = “+gm_special 9”
“KP_SLASH” = “+gm_special 15”
“KP_MULTIPLY” = “+gm_special 14”
“KP_MINUS” = “+gm_special 13”
“KP_PLUS” = “+gm_special 12”
“KP_ENTER” = “+gm_special 11”
“KP_DEL” = “+gm_special 10”

and am getting that error when someones enter car…

I believe these keys no longer need to be bound in GMod for them to work, so you can unbind them with unbind KP_<key> or remove the bindings manually from cfg/config.cfg.

Your second error is likely being caused by an addon trying to run a ccmd (escape) that it’s not allowed to serverside.

You’re using an out of date addon.