GM:StartGamemodeVote( ) Help!

Hello, I was just wondering, would this: GM:StartGamemodeVote( ) be able to be used as a sort of RTV system to change a game mode on a GMOD server. I’ve looked around on a way to make an RTV system to change the game mode and this was the best thing I found to doing this. So I was wondering how would I use this, or is there a better way to achive a game mode change?

Depends if you’re working with Fretta gamemodes, as that is a Fretta function

StartGamemodeVote doesn’t exist in GM13.

I wanted to have a rotation server, where by game modes would rotate after a set time. So it would start, lets say on Prop Hunt then after an RTV or 30min it would change to, lets say a Flood Game Mode.

Well, Prop Hunt is Fretta so I guess there’s that. Unfortunately Flood is not. I have no idea if the Fretta vote plays nicely with gamemodes not on the base, but you could try putting this in flood.txt

"selectable"		"1"
		"1"	"fw_" -- whatever prefix flood uses

Alright, so using this would depend on what game modes could be in the rotation. Also how would I go about setting up a fretta vote system to use a command to change from one fretta game mode to another?

Gamemode voting comes with the Fretta system automatically, meaning if you’ve got Prop Hunt, you most likely have Fretta.

You will need to modify gamemodes to work with Fretta to use the system I think. A better idea would be to find a general gamemode vote system, one that’s not just limited to gamemodes on the fretta base.

I know of this one, but I’m not sure of what others there are:

Could one go about coding their own voting system? And how could one go about doing this, if you can.

Obviously someone could code their own voting system; that’s how everything is made. If you want to know how, then look through the code of other voting systems and learn how.

Wasn’t Fretta removed from Garry’s Mod ages ago?

It was indeed, but fixed up for gmod13 by Jetboom a while back

I would give the SVN link but NoxiousNet seems to be down

Oh cool. I miss the old Fretta gamemodes.

Here you go, Fretta for GM13 (Jetboom Edition)