GM SwampFever [WIP]

gm_swampfever is a new WIP map based on Left 4 Dead 2’s “Swamp Fever” campaign.

Well, not entirely. I’ve tried to stick with the campaign’s shanty town style, while introducing a number of extra details. For one thing, it’s raining pretty damn heavily, so that pond in the centre will soon flood. However, the flooding doesn’t stop there. The water level will eventually rise to the ceiling of the tallest shack, so you better pack some wellies! I think this would be a good map for comic making, posing, maybe even a bit of deathmatch. Here are some pictures:

As you can see, I’ve already started to achieve the “shanty town” look I’m after.

There’ll be a few more of these shacks, but I’ve only done one (and a half) at the moment.

I may change the water texture to appear more murky, to suit the Swamp Fever style.

I’ll probably go in with the clipping tool further down the line and beat up these shacks some more.[/media]

The next few images show the water level rising:

These pictures show what I mean about the water not looking dirty enough. For the water level to rise from the small pond in the first image to almost covering the roof of the tallest shack takes about 15/20 minutes.

So that’s that. If anyone has any criticisms/suggestions/ideas about this map, I’d be happy to hear about it. Thanks.

Change the water texture. It’s U-G-L-Y.
Otherwise, nice nice nice.

I like the idea. A few props to swim up with the water would be cool.

Maybe later ypu could add some more stuff? Buildings? An improvised bride made out of wooden parts from building to building and all that stuff.
Make it look like “swamped”.

An overall darker look would be nice too.

Can you make it darker? like more green and brown. maybe custom rain particles too? rain looks bad to be honest.

this could be a great map

He said he is going too.

The water is to square.

Make the displacements less edgy around the water, its nice to see smooth displacements.

Newer version:

[ul][li]Increased displacement power from 3 to 4, edited some pretty jagged regions[/li][li]Made the border trees taller to give a more claustrophobic feel[/li][li]Made lighting dimmer and changed skybox to darker texture[/li][li]Changed water texture to more murky/brown/less reflective one[/ul][/li]
[ul][li]Add more foliage/trees/etc.[/li][li]Add more shacks, wood bridges between some and generally improve detail[/li][li]Finish tweaking displacements[/li][*]Add believable edge to map (dense trees, wooden fence, etc.)[/ul]

Increased displacement power from 3 to 4, edited some pretty jagged regions <-- If you start crashing this may be why.

It’s a pretty small map; I think my computer can handle it. And there’s only one displacement brush anyhoo.

No there’s something funky with displacement verticies and density that make Power of 4 displacements propblematic.

Ah, okay. We’ll see how this goes. Thanks for the heads-up.

Really really blocky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Care to specify which parts? If you’re talking about that doorway in the most recent shot I haven’t finished it yet.

Made the second shack less crap-looking:

Needs more plants, and maybe fog.
It looks more like a forest :v:

It still doesn’t look very good, it’s just a thick block with a room popped on top, and it looks nothing like Swamp Fever.

It looks nothing like Swamp Fever. Put in some L4D2 props and stuff.

Needs more rape.

I’m going to flesh it out more with props and stuff when I’ve done more of the basic level layout. Does anyone know if there’s a way to import props/materials from L4D2 into Ep2 and whether it will work/be classed as warez when I upload it?

Im not sure about the Warez part, but you can use GCFScape to get the files into the Ep2.