GM Tornado Valley - The Fifth and Final Installation to Garry's Mod Storm Chasing

GM Tornado Valley (gm_tornado_valley)

I am starting the official thread for the upcoming release of GM Tornado Valley.
This map is going to be the most detailed of them all.

NEWEST FEATURES (What is different from the other 4 maps):

  • Building/Environmental Damage is now DEPENDENT on the tornado. Players can no longer break the gas station pumps, buildings, or bridges.
  • Tornadoes are as random as Village, but the timers have been fixed.
  • More sporadic lightning strikes, and custom thunder sounds (royalty-free) for the distance of the lighting. Active tornadoes will use close lightning strikes, while the general ambiance of the map will use distant thunder/lightning, with some close.
  • Better Terrain. There are no flat spots in this map.
  • Environment Dangers. Players can no longer cut straight through to intercept a tornado. There are fences, trees, rocks, water, and debris in the way. Not to mention ditches and a train. All items have been strategically placed to obstruct the players.
  • There are no player controlled weather equipment. There is a single EAS, and a single television in the entire map.
  • The Siren will only work if a tornado is going to occur in the next 60 seconds, after the EAS has activated. The siren must be activated by a player.

Please post your suggestions. This is the last GM Tornado Series map that will ever be released. This means, make it good.

I plan to release it no later than August, but it can always be released sooner if finished. I want to thank everyone who has supported this project, and it has been the best mapping experience I have ever had on Facepunch. However, times change. I am married now, bought a car, and soon to have a child of my own. My mapping career has come to an end, or at least, a pause. Thank you so much for all the support.

Also, as for the Tornado Outbreak in Oklahoma. It is a disaster, and I give full honor and respect to the victims of the tornadoes. The release of this video trailer is nothing but a coincidence, and not meant to be offensive.


Looks amazing! Good luck in real life and see you back soon maybe…


I hope you don’t mind if i ask about a problem on the old ones.
The tornado spawns in the level but i see a big purple texture above the tornado and it seems that i couldn’t even spawn an hl2 ep2 vehicle and have no idea what causes it. (I have hl2, ep1,ep2)
Any idea why this is happening?

And i can’t wait for this last level! And also good luck!

EDIT: I’ve fixed it by changing the ep2 local files on steam in the beta “Steampipe”

add birds and ducks

(mostly ducks)

That tornado came really close to my house :V

On topic, it’s really good and you’ve set the mood perfectly. Love the lighting.

great work.

You should the links to all of your other storm chaser maps in the OP

The project is still well and alive! View the extended trailer:

Looks absolutely awesome, I can’t wait to start shooting in this map. I have a big plan in store for it.

Could you make it that with a transforming tornado if its has reached to F3 or F5 when its starts to die maybe it could go down in the F scale when it reaches F1 it dies :smiley:

Also will there be a admin room is this one?

hey maybe you can make a big corn field or some thing.
and maybe the Vman can make an ef2 and a ef3 tornado :smiley:

I think Vman Isn’t doing the particles anymore.I saw it on a thread for one of the other maps D:

maybe when a tornado passes over a building the power goes out to that building also if there is going to be power lines could you make the wire shake around when a tornado is close to give that cool effect.

hey will be multiple tornado events like in a warning 2 or 3 tornadoes spawn?

will I think there is going to be from the trailer video oh well I CANT WAIT FOR THE MAP :smiley: