Gm Ultimate Hill Grass

A huge gm_construct styled hilly map. It was pretty easy to make but the 3d skybox wasn’t. Also i put some effort into the Easter egg.

[/li][li]3D skybox
[/li][li]Custom sky texture
[/li][li]A lake
[/li][li]5 Structures
[/li][li]2 Bridges (sort of)
[/li][li]Easter egg
[/li][li]Is hilly

Some photos:

Intro clip:

Also thanks to:

Enjoy !

Looks pretty nice and simple.

How big the map is?

Takes almost all grid.

Nice. A bit bright though.

My only complaint is the texture tiling. Other than that it looks good, Nice job!

That does look pretty nice, definitely putting this on my dedi.

I’m glad you all like it.

Cool map but… the lake looks like a dick, just saying.


Rated optimistic.

Awesome map and vid >D

fuck, this is what I wanted my map to be like.

New project then! :Dawkins102:


still downloading though

RayWilliamJohnsonFan? :3

The map looks nice, but there are already sooo much flatgrass/construct maps, don’t you think? :expressionless:

Nice map, I liked the video :haw:

Needs smoother texture alpha blending, and proper skybox texture scale. Set it to 0.015625

You have elevated the genre of flatgrass construct to a new level. The skybox is really beautiful, and [sp]the gnomes’ cave[/sp] added a touch of intrigue to what might have been a too-plain map.

Just perfect.

This is a really nice map, but there’s something wrong with the water, you might want to look into that. I really liked the nature sound effects and the skybox is just beautiful.

very good for helicopter and plane vehicle by sakarias

Great Map!
Which water texture do you use?

Gm_construct water texture.