GM12 and TF2 Go to black screen on launch

Hey guys, the only way I can launch GM12, GM13, or TF2 is by launching with -dxlevel 81 as a launch option. Otherwise it just goes to a black screen. I just don’t like it because I can only use one monitor with dx8 and it looks like poo as well. Any help at all would be appreciated.


Computer specs.
Install/Update graphics card drivers.

I just had to reformat this pc because gmod was broken before. Only since the film maker update. specs are:
2600k @ 5.4 ghz

7970’s in crossfire at stock clock speeds. Going to SLI 680’s soon.

32gb of corsair vengeance ram at 1600mhz

256gb crucial m4 as the boot drive with games

1tb Western digital drive for fraps

500gb seagate drive for rendered videos

Asrock z68 gen3 extreme 4 mobo

Custom water cooling setup using a griffin racing radiator.

Let me know if you need more info. I just re installed all of my drivers for my video cards. So everything should be mint as far as that goes.

Thanks for any help.