GM13 - .txt Render Target Scopes -> matproxy & game.AddParticles

I have a question about the new matproxy system.

I have some SWeps that use proxies for the render target-based scopes and they relied on old .txt files; as such, I can’t upload them to workshop for private use until I replace the .txt files.

Here’s one of the Render Target files:

    "Name"        "INSScope"
    "Width"        "1024"
    "Height"    "1024"

Here’s the matproxy I have so far:

-- Proxy Example:
--    Proxies
--    {
--        PlayerColor
--        {
--            resultVar    $color2
--        }
--    }

    name    =    "Scope",    -- this is called multiple times in the .vmt files

    init    =    function( self, mat, values )

        -- Store the name of the variable we want to set
        self.ResultTo = values.resultvar


    bind    =    function( self, mat, ent )

        -- If the target ent has a function called GetPlayerColor then use that
        -- The function SHOULD return a Vector with the chosen player's colour.
        -- In sandbox this function is created as a network function, 
        -- in player_sandbox.lua in SetupDataTables

        if ( ent.RenderScopeView ) then -- RSView is called in the actual SWep
            -- No idea what the hell goes here



I also have problems with particles since .txt files aren’t used either.
I have a lua file in my autorun folder; here’s the code:


The code gives no errors, yet the particle systems fail to load. Any leads?

Only the rain systems aren’t loading - the muzzle flashes & smoke work fine.

Thanks in advance.