[GM13] Whenever I delete a addon Workshop redownloads it + more

So lately I’ve been have numerous problems with Garrysmod 13, it varies from simply crashing when joining a server to deleting a mod that’s conflicting with scripts for it only to be forcefully redownloaded by Steam Workshop and this is getting really annoying.

First things first:

I’ve been frequently attempting to delete Scars due to the fact it has been causing problems with a hl2 nexus roleplaying server I’ve been wanting to get into now. I reinstalled Gmod 13 only to be greeted by Workshop instantly redownloading all of the mods I downloaded atleast a month back now, such as Skyrim + Fallout snpcs and the New Metrocop pack. I was somewhat annoyed because most of these things were causing script problems with one another AND the server I was attempting to join, and I have absolutely no idea what to do.


Garrysmod 13 has been crashing numerously either when joining a server or simply booting up the game via steam, and I’ve noticed ever since installing GM13 onto steam, steam has been complete shit via performance. But I’ll leave that for steam and continue onto number 3.


Whenever I join a server and I don’t crash, when I attempt to disconnect the pause menu doesn’t allow me to press any of the buttons and I am forced to crtl+alt+del my way out of gmod and the server which has been bugging me a lot as well. I don’t know what could be doing this, possible script errors or something but as of right now I am absolutely confused.

If anyone can help me with any of these problems, I’d be very very grateful.

And as you possibly noticed, I am new to Facepunch. So yeah. Hi.

There are some multiple pieces of information I need before I can help:

  1. Have you tried going to your “Addons” page in Garry’s Mod and choosing “Uninstall?”
  2. After doing this have you made sure to manually remove the .gma file from your addons folder?
  3. What are your computer specs?

Judging by the fact that you’re redownloading the addons, it sounds like you are just manually deleting them from your addons folder, but not unsubscribing/uninstalling them from your Gmod “Addons” page. Your disconnect and crashes could be a result of addons, but more than likely your computer may not be able to handle it. Steam can’t be running any worse due to Gmod being installed, but after closing out of Gmod, your computer may be running Steam at a higher memory cost. I idle Steam at around 40mbs, if yours is around 170+ after closing out of Gmod, it’s caused by an issue with the engine, and restarting Steam should fix it.

Again, post the extra information I asked and I can tell you more of what’s happening.