Gm_ Halcyon

This map was never really intended to be released to the broad public, it was originally planned to be a small build map for a friend’s server. But the project snowballed and I ended up spending quite a bit of time on it, so I figured I should post it so someone might get some fun out of it, or I could at least learn how to improve from more experienced mappers.

** Gm_Halcyon **

Gm_Halcyon is a garrysmod map intended for the sandbox or build rp game modes. It features a modern to semi-futuristic, relaxing theme, and is intended to be a pleasant place for building, socializing, or roleplaying.


  • Large open build spaces.
  • An RP compound with apartments, a police station, stores, an open courtyard, an abandoned warehouse, and more!
  • Large underground reservoir with waterfalls.
  • A club that includes music, a screen for youtube player, and more.
  • Underground rave with a unique custom music maker, light shows, and a VIP club for hanging out with friends. (Hidden behind the stairs of the structure in the middle of the glass dome. There is a panel to the left of the stairs that you can open to reveal a button that opens the entrance)
  • Terrain zone for testing vehicles.

** Download **

Get it from here:

Play it here:

Well you got a lot of repetitive textures, and alot unused space.

You could also work on some of your lighting, by using light_spots

The water sphere though is kind of cool.

Thanks for the feedback, will definitely take that into account on my future projects. The unused space is sort of necessary, since it’s a build map, but I can see in hindsight that some of the areas might still might be a bit big.

Would be awesome

5 years ago

Eh…useless. Too many build maps. Repetitive textures, lots of empty space.

Lots of textures that don’t fit. (Concrete Metal Stairs? Classy Roof Texture on an outdoor section, Not mentioning it’s misaligned)

i dont care about the textures. this is actually a really good map. i would enjoy more like it. great for roleplaying a imagine. you have my download :smiley:

Aww I thought it was going to be a map of my boat. (Halcyon 23). But anyway nice map. looks fun to play on.

Useless space? It’s for building, people… anyway. Looks cool.

actually ingme, this map is freaking AWESOME! and with your permission Standard Nerd, id like to edit this map a little in hammer. you know just fix some of the textures, add a little, and take out the only things that error for me; some part of the waterfalls in the vip room D:

I like it a lot ! Play’d on it already and it’s great

It does look like you put effort into this map, there are just a few things you can improve to make it better.

Also, people are saying there is too much unused space, isn’t that a good thing so you can build?

Well its unneeded in some places.

I like the style and I like the idea. I look forward to you refining your techniques and putting out some more maps in the future.