gm_(Working-name)Big build map i need ideas help!!!

so guys i need idead for a big building map how i can build ? have you some ideas???

i have thinking about a big mountin and a street but i need mor and beta ideas help pls !

Don’t make it look like construct is a good idea.

? but all guys do that :frowning:

FP hates construct remakes.

We need originality, something special and new.

That’s why it isn’t a good idea.

so when i make a map whit a german city or a underground lab ? or something ? XD


and i have see it -.- i know i dont can write english because im from german -.-

An underground lab would be cool.

yeah so i beta started the work on it :smiley: so i thx

First, learn to speak in intelligible sentences. If you can’t write basic English perhaps you shouldn’t be posting on an English forum?

I gotta admit, I laughed really hard when I read this. When someone this ignorant says something like that, I just can’t help it. I think it speaks loads for the general community here. :downs:

something with underground transit, like details under and the top part is basically bland.

If you don’t have your own ideas, maybe you should take up stamp collecting. Mapping is a hobby that requires you use your noggin.

Which is why you shouldn’t.

(How many other people wanted to say that?)

Kinda late there.