made a map :), quite big and fun :).

That is not very good.

Why do new people feel the need to add their name to their maps?
You should post pictures in the OP aswell, and use this:
I think you need to try some architecture try heading over to the Reference images thread and attempt to make them. Also try add some details eg. decals, prop_dynamic, (Trees, cars… just to add a little bit of realism to it) Also try make it less blocky by using the “Clip” tool mabye make the towers a bit rounded, that would be an improvement.

Looks like a rush job, with minimal thought put into theme, purpose and texture application.

i don’t really care for your criticism I created this map for my own purpose, this isn’t designed for half life, its garrys mod. I dont recall any trees in flatgrass or construct

Then don’t release it here if you don’t want criticism. Theme and purpose are basic design concpets for all mapping, regardless of gamemode.

Doesn’t mean you can’t add them to your map

There weren’t any trees in Half-Life because it was set in the desert :v:

mmmmmmmmk have you played Half Life Episode 2???


it was my first map give me a break ffs

Yes but that wasn’t Half-Life. If you wanted to say Half-Life 2: Episode 2 you should have said that.

Also it’s never a good idea to release your first map.

If when the original Half-Life was released the mapping was terrible, would Valve have gone “give us a break its our first game ffs”?

Valve Charged money for half life, so no they don’t get to say that. Just Curious though, Have you made any maps???

and you knew what I meant, nobody likes a smart ass.

He is (link), and I dare say he’s more than qualified to offer you some constructive criticism, which you really should accept and honestly should have expected. I mean, what did you think was going to happen when you posted your map on a public forum?

God dammit, was about to post that link but yes, seriously Corky is a talented mapper, you on the other hand, are not. (No I’m not saying I’m a good mapper)

With the amount of tutorials out there, first map is no longer a valid excuse.

Also, you don’t need to make a map to comment on one.

HAHAHAHAHA, Ill point out this is an old map I did make a fair while ago (check the upload date). Im to busy with my Carrer and real life things at the moment, I made the map in a few hours, and only from a few tutorials on youtube, I cant afford to spend massive ammounts of time learning the hammer editor, especially when i can make a shitload of money setting up corporate networks.


thats great if you have the time to watch them all

Yes, because that didn’t just sound like the biggest load of bullshit ever, considering you can’t even spell Career, I doubt you have one, stop trying to be something you’re not, learn how to map, even this pile of crap in a few hours is really bad, most mappers here could make that before I even can click my fingers, now kindly gtfo.

typo because im pissed off, and its not a bullshit, im finishing my Cisco CCNP at the moment, and if you dont know what that is, then you have no carrer in IT.

Its all good for you to comment on my map if you’ve played it however, considering its still siting at 11 downloads, as it was when i posted the link, something tells me none of you actually have the right to say anything, as you haven’t even played it.

Actually no, I’m sitting in a Office right now thank you, I work in website design and development and IT Support and I’m only 17 and still at college, how about you?

Edit: You should try the whole spelling thing, it’s nice for people to be able to understand you…

Another Edit: Pictures are enough to judge a map.

Then don’t map if you don’t have the time. And tutorials are something you can read too…there are a ton of them. Simply put, if you don’t want to learn, then fine, just don’t post your shit here.

I have the talent to be able to give advice on just images…after mapping for about 4-5 years, its just a knack that gets picked up.

We haven’t played it because we can already tell it’s horrible just from the pictures you’ve posted.

I highly doubt you’re going to be able to go into the IT field or that you’re 19 when you can’t even spell career or sitting and act like a 15 year old. Getting pissed off at someone over the internet because they’re telling you your map, which you obviously devoted barely any time to, is shit shows you’re not mature enough to handle a job let alone one managing a network for a corporation.