Gm_711 W.I.P.

  • **This was the second map I ever worked on, Its on steam clould. Its pretty popular atm.
    So I figured ill pick up on it again since Ive gotten alot more experienced since I first started working on it. * **
    [release]Current Screen-shots[/release][release]
    Gas Tank:

Out-side:(Note this image is from V4 an doesnt show the skybox the current version has…)

Front:(Again V4 image)


Final Notes
[li] I only have pictures from V4 atm.[/li][li] Will update images soon[/li][li] I created this map as practice for my mapping skills.(It hasnt been worked on in over 4-5 months)[/li][li] V6 will have abit more detail, With a fixed skybox, and lighting/details.[/li][li] I have V6 done but it needs compiled and atm I dont have internet on the PC that has the vmf, So I cant compile the map… [/li][li] Discopears Made most (if not all) Custom models in this map
[ul]Please only constructive criticism.[/ul]

Why did you make a new thread when you already have one here?

Because That ones named incorrectly, an well I wanted to get a fresh start on the map.

Looking good, you should make the windows a bit less blocky though. I think that would help it a lot.

I was thinking to make like a frame then with a Ledge kinda abit wider than the windows.
kinda Like ]>----<[ To make them look better.

Ha shit I rated my self by accident >:-/ wtf. I missed alot of changes since ive been away.

Yeah, you could do that. Just try to make them look a little thinner on the edges too.

Here’s how I thought about it. Also, you should maybe move the door more into the middle, that’s how they’re usually set up.


Thats the plan, once I finish up the skybox. Im going to clean up the brush work. Then move the door around. * Maybe double doors? *

Yeah, I think double doors would look pretty good.

Ill get to work on it then, Ill have to make func_motor or somthing for them to open correctly.
Since hl2 doesnt have any default double Glass doors. An im not about to model more doors.

Or you could make two door’s and have them trigger so when you open one it opens the other.

I was thinking about that, but it would look good if I made the doors from scratch. (Ex. A few brushes.)
But that would take alot of work.


Well, im off to play some fall out.
IF you have any ideas and or criticism please comment below.

NOTE: I made the 7-11 models (signs), slurpee machine, ect :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha He got reated dumb, Firegod your so mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like people being able to see what you rated, it means you can’t anonomously vote every post dumb any more :v:

I know it sucks, I miss the good ole’ days of voting down posts an people flaming over it.

You didn’t take any advice. It doesn’t even look like a god damn 7-11. The layout is completely off. Google pics of what a 7-11 looks like, delete your VMF, and start over.

I havent worked on the Vmf in over 4 months, Fuck off dont insult me. Im planning on redoing the front doors, and correcting the skybox.
Then fixing the cube-maps.

How is this mapping king? (no offense)

…Not this again.

lol, none taken. I didnt know you could now rate yourself an I clicked it by accident an people followed.

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