gm_7eleven_v6 [Release]

I’ve just released version 6 of gm_7eleven on workshop which can be found here.

*Fixed Elevator Glitches
*Updated interior of 7eleven
*Added custom textures
*Updated basement

A comparison of V5 and V6:

Exterior of 7eleven: (Updated 5/15/13)



??? :slight_smile:

Cool! Outside needs a little work. Just giving my opinion. You could add some foods and supplies on the shelf to add more details in-depth of your level.

6 versions and that’s the best texture you could find for the sliding doors?

Fair enough, I’ll look for a new one.

HDR too intense. Exterior is dull. Shelves would work better as models. That thing at the end is pretty cool.

What would you like to see on the outside? Do you mean the outside of the 7eleven or more detail in the rest of the grassy area?

How about a hill? I really don’t know what people want in the main area.

Trees… Grass… Houses… The usual. Give yourself an idea where exactly would 7eleven mostly locate.

Well let me just say this map has been on workshop for quite a while and already has a large following, and any changes I make are ideally just small additions that don’t change too much for those who have already subscribed. That was my thought process while improving the interior of the 7eleven since it only increases how it looks visually while retaining the same basic features of the map.

Now on the other hand if I have enough suggestions to add something entirely new I’d like to do that, and I am excited to hear what others have to say, but keep in mind that this map is meant to be a minimalistic build map centered on a small 7eleven in the center. It is essentially finished with only small updates released periodically.

Since I’m on v6 now, any revisions I do further will be added to the current release as v6 but any large changes will probably go towards v7.

You could always throw another place in there for shits n’ giggles. I threw this together in a few seconds, if you want the textures just wizz me a message.

It better have boneless chicken wings.

That gives me the idea of a community map with different stores/shops/restaurants contributed one by one along a street or something. I think that would be cool, and it would tie a bunch of maps into one.

That little TGI Friday’s was actually part of a map I’m currently working on.
Kind-of like a mall with multiple stores, bunches of custom textures, and junks.
This was just a test to see how I could use different effects to make the map look bigger without actually making it bigger. (It worked to say the least)

Ah ok, and it looks like someone is already making a mall collab map anyway, and unfortunately a 7eleven wouldn’t really fit in there…

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion but I think I’ll keep it 7eleven themed.

We have a map collaboration project going right now, it’s mall-themed with individual shops.

Can you make vending machines not overwrite the default texture on your maps? It is a bit annoying.

Yeah no problem

Edit: I have taken the texture out of gm_citylimits_day but reuploading messed up a bunch of my models for some reason. I’ll have to check and see what went wrong before I do the same to the night version. The texture is not included in 7eleven so you don’t have to worry about that. If it really bugs you then all you should have to do is unsubscribe from gm_citylimits (the night version) for the time being.

I’m pretty sure your subscribers wouldn’t mind the map being improved. As it stands, the exterior looks very unrealistic: it’s a grocery store in the middle of a flat meadow, with no streets or buildings beside it, but rather a small, man-made–looking hill?!

Yes I understand your point entirely, I never said it was beautiful just that it has been accepted by the community for how it is already. I feel people might have thought I was bragging on this comment when in reality I was only saying I like the map how it is for what it is and I thought its subscribers wouldn’t want major changes every day because of their save files uploaded to workshop and what not.

On a side note I am working with Stiffy to put out a separate, more realistic version of this map which we hope to have out soon.

You should work on a store for the mall collaboration

thats one goddamn sterile 7 eleven

I know the perfect thing for this map.

Think about it…

There’s a 7eleven (some US-bound shop I presume).
There’s grass.
There’s more than 5 meters of space.

So clearly there has to be trains. COME ON, how did no-one see this perfect adition for the map?