Gm_Abandoned Arena(Beta Screenshots)

Recently some friends of mine began making their own soccer fields and wanted to have a map to play soccer in. I decided to go to hell with the idea. These are some beta version of the map.

CRITIQUES AND SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED! If you insist on trashing my mapping abilities make it constructive or get out.

Bear in mind this map is not finished and it has issues!

Don’t bother posting if you noticed any of these because I know I need to fix them:
1: the fog gets way too dark
2: the decals on the playing field are incomplete
3: you can see the area portals because i suck at optimizing

The theme for this map is that it was an old soccer(its not football screw you) stadium used for practices and is now host to the Combine Olympics.

If people show a huge interest into making this a new gametype in gmod I would be happy to help add scoreboards, goal triggers(lights go off and music or something plays when someone scores)

Enough talking lets see some screenshots! Now I know nobody is reading this by this point you’ve all already scrolled down for the purtey pictures: Steven Colbert is funnier than John Stewert. There, I said it.

My favorite part is the bouncy ball.

Needs some stands on the side.

The combine play football? I’d have thought they’d take it and use it as some sort of death match arena. Like prisoners fighting each-other to death, winner gets to go free.

Could you make the nets into a func_brush or something so we can remove them if we don’t want to use it for football? (for machinima or other gamemodes)

Nice work, but something odd is going on…

nice atmosphere

Hot damn!
Someones been playing episode 2 recently…

I can see how it resembles the mining tunnel areas (for lack of a better name)

looks very good

Wait… I’m confused. Which sport is it? Soccer with tackling, or soccer with kicking balls into goals?

Soccer is only one sport… and that is kicking a ball into a goal, and also has tackling silly.

But Americans and other people call it by different names.

It look like to me, soccer with kicking balls into goal.

You guys are thinking of football, I think.

Football is kicking in Europe, and tackling in the US.

In the US we call it soccer to distinguish it from American football, which is tackling. No one else calls it that, so Apollo (can I call you Polly?) is talking about kicking.

Americans call it soccer, brits call it football…

Yeah, I know. I didn’t know whether he was American or British.

Like I said, if Polly was British, he would call it football, not soccer.

(Nice map, by the way.)

its a stadium that can be changed to for other sports upon request to me. now can we get back to the business at hand?

Any suggestions? (other than adding some stands)

Anything that looks crappy?

Any requests?


No you cannot. If you want me to post my map for people to download and continue to create maps and post them for people to have I’d do well to spare the insults. So numb-nuts (can I call you Numb-nuts?) well Numb-nuts I was referring to this map as a soccer stadium and yes I am indeed an American. If any of you read my post you would know that by now.

Only thing i can say is the overuse of decals. Other than that it looks great!

Or you could bring football (aussie rules) into the fray.

calm down