gm_acecombat WIP

Until hoffa get a new laptop to work on NeuroPlanes, I plan to continue working on this map after weeks and months. Maybe, I won’t be able to finish it but I want to improve it even if my aim was to create the more flyable space hammer can have.

The current playable version in the Neuroplanes svn is a beta, and it shouldn’t have been uploaded on but somedone did.

Work in progress…

PS: It won’t be a 2nd version of the map (no gm_acecombat_v2), it will just erase the older one.

A bunch of grey brushes sitting in an oddly peaceful skybox? Get better screenshots, please.

yeah I know, I just tried to make a P-1112 Aigaion like platform spawner. It 's weird to spawn in the middle of the sky then fall on a invisible ground due to the skybox! lool

Ya that seems to be a big issue with these kind of maps, you cant see the edge so you just run into the side of the skybox.

After two hours of work since I started the thread, the P-1112 Aigaion looks like the Ace Combat 6 one!
In Hammer:

Looks better :buddy:

agreed, this looks MUCH better than the first few screenshots.

A lot better!

  • new deck.

  • textures from cvn78.

  • lights!

  • rotating platform to launch jets.

  • 2 elevators.

  • catapult.

Got permission to use them textures? :v:

hum… No. I didn’t find the map thread and the author on facepunch…

A test version will be released soon to seek for problems or to add new ideas…

Unless the textures were from a texture pack, you might want to either get permission, or replace the textures.

New version of the P-1112 Aigaion



More pic’s on my profile screenshots page :wink:

PS: I have looked for new textures but it must be admitted that cvn78’s ones matches perfectly with this new generation aircraft carrier from Ace Combat 6!
So if I have to change them I don’t know when I will be able to release the map whereas if I can use them the map will be released very soon… :wink:

that is fucking sexy…

i loved that game… i love that plane… i love this map…
how long till it’s fully done do you think?

Almost finished for a first beta release.

Can you please put some kind of markers to delineate the edges of the map? It doesn’t matter what they are as long as they’re clearly visible, because I found myself flying into the edges too often. It could be as simple as some kind of blinking or flashing lights in the corners or something.

I miss my mod :smith:

At first I was like, this is shit.

Then I was like, this is not shit, and he just took shitty screenshots originally.

New gm_acecombat released! 05-22-2011
Check out the Neuroplanes svn!
I will upload it on later so don’t worry!
direct link to the svn map:

Now on! Get the link on the release thread: