**UPDATE: The upload was successful! Unfortunately I had to scale up the lightmaps and lower the resolution of model textures in order to fit the apparent file size limit of 50 megabytes. I don’t think you’ll notice it though…haha

Here’s the download link:**

Thanks for all your support over the last few months!!

comments criticism blah blah blah

here is a panoramic shot that magicman1234 made:

This is awesome, downloading now. Thank you for doing something this awesome brerben.

Dammit, File’s being mirrored.

Motherfu- this is some good shit!


File’s been mirrored though so it’s not downloadable yet D:

Excuse my ignorance on such things, but does that mean it will be downloadable? Or is it broken? haha I thought the upload process = the mirror process

Server nao.

We need private tours of this thing.

I can’t download. “File is being mirrored. Try again later.”

I know, I’m trying to fix this problem…

I’ll try re-uploading it. Apparently it’s been “mirroring” for 7 hours

Might want to think about uploading to filefront as a mirror in case it happens again.

BIG File not Found on Garrysmod?

file not found :kratos:

Awwww,Great map tho, Would love to try it, I love florida, and the amusement parks there!

I’m uploading the map to FPSBanana since isn’t working. Just wait a little while and I’ll have the download link.

Could you update us with how much done uploading it will be before we can use it, Because alot of people might want to know when they will be able too, too.

I have been working for HOURS today on finding out what is causing the upload issue.

Please bear with me.

I believe the program called PAKRAT that I am using on the gm_adventurers.bsp file is causing the AND FPSbanana upload scanners to mess up.

I was just saying, didn’t mean to be mean in any way, just asking. And also try to use megaupload, Probably will fix it?

FPSbanana isn’t working either…

If anyone can help with this map upload issue, please come to this thread I made in the section of the forum:

Holy shit this map looks awesome.

Sir, you are one of the best mappers I know :o

try filesmelt brerben

Wow… so much custom stuff… it looks beautiful.