Gm_Aftermath Night and Day

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve posted to Facepunch. Some of you old-timers may remember my first major map release, Gm_Aftermath. It’s taken me something like six years of on and off mapping, but I’ve finally finished the sequel many were demanding. I’ve added tons of new buildings and locations, graphically updated the entire map, added soundscapes for ambiance, and produced both Day and Night versions. Without further adieu, I would like to share Gm_Aftermath_Night and Gm_Aftermath_Day:


Additional Media:

Album of Some Key Locations

Before/After Comparison Album

Workshop Description:
Aftermath Night and Day includes the two sequels to the post-apocalyptic roleplay and build map, Gm_Aftermath! Set in a freshly updated and newly detailed war-torn landscape, Aftermath Night dims the lights on a wide variety of environments, from a muddy marsh to city streets. Inky darkness is broken only by the flickering glow of gas station fires, train headlamps, and broken traffic lights. Will you shelter yourself from zombies inside a derelict factory, or soar above the landscape in a creation of your own? For those scared of the dark, Aftermath Day is also included in the download and features an identical landscape set in the cool, foggy blue atmosphere of the original Aftermath.


Map Features and Improvements:

-Huge map size; great for Build, RP, and more.
-AI nodes in most areas, and a NAV mesh for NextBot-based NPCs
-New locations, including suburbs, downtown, a trailer park, an airstrip, sewers, and more
-Tons of new buildings in existing locations
-Visual enhancements to most areas of the map
-An improved, fully operational train
-Better rocket launch and other easter eggs
-Highly optimized for performance
-Both Day and Night versions included
-Does not require mounting any other game content


I don’t plan to update these maps further other than a couple rounds of bug fixes. But, I felt I owed it to the Facepunch community to let you all know that I finally followed through on the sequels; enjoy!

Oh man. I remember playing this back in my Garry’s Mod days around 2010.

Very nice refresh, man.

Holy shit I remember this. The improvements look great. I can’t believe you’re still mapping!

(this is Peter btw)

This looks amazing, could I have permission to use the map in a video? I used it on an old machinima but a formal permission from you would be great.

Desa, you have my blessing!
DFC, I’m not still mapping with any sort of regularity, but a couple weekends and summer nights here and there I’ve been working on this and Desertion. Didn’t feel right letting them just rot on my hard drive when so many people were looking forward to them. I’ll release Desertion too but that’s going to be a little longer. Hit me up some time, man!