So this is V1 of my airboat ride. V2 is already in the works, and should have working hill chains if I can ever work out how to get a trigger_push to work. I’ve had a request in the comments for a build area, so I’m including that in V2 - anything else you guys want to see?

Oh god this is horrible.

Shutup, it actually has creativity, could use work on lighting.

Its a B- not horrible.

If you had just put some more time into the lighting, perhaps then it would have looked download worthy in my mind.

Keep working on it.


Work on the lighting and the surroundings as well. Basically, make it less bland.

So, uh, any time you want to offer some constructive criticism rather than randomly flaming me, that would be great. I realise this isn’t the greatest map ever, but I’m learning - if everyone was like you I’d never be able to get good at it.

Nice idea and a nice start.
But really needs more work in it

add some details, make it larger and add cool things like high drops and scenery like trees and rocks.

You steal work. Opinion invalidated.

It looks REALLy blocky, there are literally no details around the track, nothing awe inspiring to look at.
A total lack of lighting (or at least lighting so bad it might as well not be there, the screen shots aren’t good).
Basic design, probably unoptimized in any way.
Looks like almost no texture alignment on the track.
Mostly pointless, play it once, get bored.

Agreed, you stole work which in all our books invalidates anything. Plus what he stated above.

You can’t truthfully say you’d think FP would like this.

I didn’t think everyone would be skipping around telling me how great it was, but I did at least think they’d give some way to improve it, which most of them have.

Its a nice map…it just has no use.

I usially get maps like GM_BIGCITY Or GM_Atomic for building and RP purposes…but I can’t see 30 people playing on this mostly because the only purpose is a 3 minute ride on an airboat.

The mapping itself is great…just stick to something like a build map.

And some tips for the future:

Light_enviorment is great to keep maps off Fullbright

Im not sure if there is a cubemap, but if there isn’t make sure you have one

Try having a map that people will play a lot.

At least he tried…

Uh, there is a light_environment…

Actually it isn’t fullbright, but the lighting is set to 255 255 255 200 which is almost as bad. (plain white, kinda dark)


Try a tan-ish color and around 600 or so birghtness.

I have no idea how to post images, so here are the URLs for some pics of the build area in V2

Edit: I eventually plan to include a 3d skybox behind that area.

That’s good, remember - Natural landscapes = Good

But there’s one rule that mappers (IMO) need to follow, If the actual buildings you see in real life are blocky, source’s should not be, add details and stickouts where possible to make it look “lifelike”

That means jack crap.