Some of you might remember this map I was working on a while back. The original had 3 fighting platforms in the air, 2 which you could build you own ship and take of from, and one for observing the two others. Due to lots of compile problems i stopped working on it. But now, after I have redone the whole thing, I shall release a beta for the V2.

The V2 Beta has:

  • A Spawn room. It lays hidden out side the map some were. In the room there are three teleports, one for each platform. Red and blue are to the fighting ones, and green goes to the observation one.
  • Red and Blue platforms, with 2 runways each.
  • Green platform. This is probably going to be a lot bigger, with screens and stuff.

Due to some minor problems i released a fix. The fix includes:

  • Fixed the missing models and textures
  • Added more space to fly around

Download the fix:


Could use better lighting.
I would also use a full 6-sided skybox

yeah i know, but its only a beta. That stuff will come later.

Se first post for beta

looks like you’re having trouble with moniters.
try opening the texture tool and then pressing the “fit” button

that haven’t work before. But i can try.

This looks REALLY nice. Does it require CS:S or anything? I hate it when people use a ton of CS:S stuff in maps for those who don’t have CSS. Or EP:2 things. If it does, can you make a version without those? Thanks in advance!

Just buy CS:S and Ep:2 (or preferably the orange box), they’re great games and cheap.

I don’t have a credit dard, a bank account, and my parents don’t have a credit card or paypal. I never get anything >:(

Can someone just gift it to me so I stop complaining xD

I don’t either. You can buy Orange Box and CS:S from a store. I think you also get DoD:S.

Mow some lawns, rake some leaves, do some laundry and then buy a prepaid gift card from wallyworld and stop bitching.

It might require episode 2.

So, are there any one that have playtestet it?
I need feedback.

It’s being uploaded to my server as we speak.
TomatoSoup’s Server of Mad Scientists and Misfits.

ohh, nice:)

Please, I need feedback and suggestions for stuff I can change/add.

Add some big turbines or something to show how thay can float.

Okay, but I dont know to make one.
Can anyone provide me with a tutorial?

I don’t think he means a working one, just some brushwork that looks like a propulsion system or similar, a reason why they are floating.

ohh, okay.

But anyways i think a spinning propellar would lag to much.

Not if it was an animated texture on a circle with an “insta gib” on it but it’s not really worth it. I like this map a lot just from the pics i have yet to play this since I have been having trouble with gmod and the fact that I’m working on my own map too but that is not important.

People who play garrysmod must count to get ep2. if you dont have ep2 and playing garrysmod. you have nothing to say.

Most maps use ep2 content now days

Yeah i kinda agree with you there MILKE.