hi this is the official thread for my first mapping project
v2 features

.random room is now fixed and is a pool room
pics for upcoming version.

link to dl beta for v2


im also new to fp so how do i post pics of my map

If you cannot figure out the user interface of the forums enough to post your map pictures, and considering it is your first mapping project, i fear it is not worth posting at all.

Put the pictures in [ i m g ] [ / i m g ] tags (without spaces)

If you have videos put them in [ m e d i a ] [ / m e d i a ]

do i have to upload them or somthing also i just wanted to show all of you my mapping project



Hmm, I thought writing them like that might have made them dissappear. Lesson learned : /

Anyway OP you have to upload them to a photosharing website first like flickr, tinypic or photobucket.

For an airport map, you should make it a lot larger, so that people can fly as far as possible. I really hate how small even flatgrass seems. A 3D skybox could make the map seem like it goes on forever in addition to making the map itself huge, but I’m not sure how you’d make it obvious to players when they’re about to hit a wall.

Much bigger than flatgrass and it goes out of bounds.

No, flatgrass is much smaller than the limits, especially height-wise.

im working on all that the pics and the dl are out dated as foar as the files i have i wont upload till its fixed a bit

It’s blocky and its dull. It needs detail, both from brushwork and from props.

Look down there and compare the images to your work currently. Pick some that fit with the theme, and use those ideas.

Although your map isn’t great, you know how to use props, decals and lights. Just keep trying and post your work in the map pimpage thread on this board before you release it.

That’s because he used [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] tags.
See what I did? I noparsed my noparse tags.
You can quote my post, or his to see.

one of my rooms is insanely bright and im having trouble fixing it

Did you place a light_environment point entity?

yes i have a light_enviroment and env_sun


  1. i need help trying to make edges more rounded
  2. how do i make a small river

Is this the room with the brightness problem? Those lights really need to be turned down.

I suppose it isn’t too bad for your first mapping project.

But make sure all of your brushes fit snugly together with no spaces, and tone down some of your lighting.

And from the looks of it, your driveway from your hangar to the actual runway looks a little silly, you might try making look a bit more realistic.

An airport with a pool?



Hahaha- You’re not funny.