Hi Guys!

This is gm_airport_v1b. I spent a month working on this and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Place in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps.
You need Episode 2 and Episode 1 for this.


  • Two Runways
  • Traffic Control Tower
  • Generator Room
  • Two secret rooms
  • A very deep emergency shelter.
  • An emergency alarm system with custom sounds (only the siren).
  • Several storage rooms.

Everything except models and most materials by ReignofTerr0r.
Trees are by who ever made them in this pack. ->

Please don’t reupload!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Plans for V2:

  • Make larger. (Done)
  • Add actual Indoor Gates (like at airports)
  • Make More Runways
  • Add a small city for RP.

EDIT: Pictures

Uh, pictures?

No pics, NO CLICKS

My god !

“whoever made them” isn’t proper credit.

Give proper credit where credit is due.

Ok I added the pictures. (Didn’t have time to do add them at school) And the pack I got the trees from didn’t say who the original creator was.

It’s blocky, with poor texturing and you have some pretty bad displacements there.

The map’s also extremely small for aircraft and it overall doesn’t really feel like an airport.

You also used a default Windows image as a texture which just made me laugh.

was that laugh a good thing or a bad thing? Cuz I made it that texture on purpose.

Well you can’t make a texture by accident :downs:

It’s definitely a bad thing; it shows lack of creativity.

O_O… Holy FUCK! What the hell is that?!

Ok thats whats going to be in V2. And perhaps I will make the map alot larger with several more runways.



It needs to be MUCH larger. Don’t make a map specifically for planes and then surround the entire 2048x2048 area with impassable mountains.

Ok I’ll move everything to a corner and then expand the map. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Get some inspiration from this:

That map is nice, but too small.

Then ask them to make the grid larger?

Yeah I have alot of amazing ideas for V2.

  • Rebuilding the control tower and placing it near the center.
  • Adding many terminals
  • Putting it in an addon so it can work on dedicated servers.
  • Making it bigger (fixed that already. It almost reaches the source sdk limit.
  • Fixing the displacements
  • Changing the runways.

If you have anymore ideas feel free to post them.

How do you make an addon out of a map? :raise:

I have custom content that doesn’t show or play on dedicated servers so putting that content in an addon would fix that.

What is with the indoor tree?
It’s eather indoors, or clipping through a wall.
And the last time I checked, trees were not all powerfull beings of magic and might.

Ehrm. Im going to give you 1 star for attempt. The rest is horrible…