This map was made for me. This is the Akeer’s Island from the game Ishar 2 Messenger of Doom. This pretend to be a recreation of this island from the ms-dos graphics to source engine. Include npcs to battle, Is fully compatible with CSS. It map have nodes for npcs. . I strongly recomended you to download the medieval gamemode** for this map or instead the addon Sword Pack Final and Addon Dragon Snpc or you will never experienced completely the feelings of this map.**

[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] gm_akeer_island

[tab]Version:[/tab] 38

[tab]Description:[/tab] A big dungeon map with npcs inspired in an abandonware game.

[tab]Requeriments:[/tab] Counter Strike Source, Half Life 2
[tab]FPSbanana Download:[/tab]

[tab]Garrysmod Download:[/tab]


Pretty blocky and textures don’t look good.

Its blocky, and textures are streatched. Fix these and it should look nicer.

Lighting is terrible. They have no sources.

Thanks. I use three env_cubemaps that doesnt’ work. I wrote -buildcubemaps while compiling.
About the light supposed to be filter by the sun in the stone, I use **light **entity in hammer, what i should use instead?

Env_sun, I think.

As previously stated, blocky and overall pretty ugly.

You could start by smoothing your displacements. It will make it look loads better.

You need to type “buildcubemaps” in the console while the map is running in-game.

And for a map like that you’ll need more than three cubemaps.

The light entiry is fine, but there should be some form of source for the light. This could be a channel through the rock, or a burning torch…something to give the impression the light isn’t just appearing. As basic physics teaches us, light cannot move through solid rock.

This map needs lots of work. Everything is very square, everything just looks terrible. And don’t use the usual excuse of “it’s a port”. Generally ports make things better.

Turn cheats on before you type buildcubemaps, then restart the map. That will allow mat_reloadallmaterials to work.
For the lights, you can try light_spot, or use light (not recommended) and have sources. Make a prop_static with a light or light_spot underneath.
Also, env_sun is just to make a source of light. Like:
Light_environment is the actual light source (it appears there is no sun though, whilst using this entity alone), but env_sun is what makes it look like there is a sun in the sky, but it gives off no light.
For C&C:
I don’t think the HL2 NPCs are compatible with CS:S unless you included the code and such that goes with it, and put it with the map file.
Hope that I helped you in the slightest.

Well, about CS:S just work with spawn poins. And about bots in CSS the only way to use they is write in console nav_generate and later nav_save and restart the map to include almost 24 bots. Of course npcs doesnt’ work in CSS. Is there any way to include the custom script of the npcs on the bsp file?

About the env_sun, ligh_spot and prop_static on it i am going to look for it.

Quality not Quantity. You are releasing a lot of maps. But none of them are very good, and they aren’t showing any improvements. Don’t release the same quality work if it isn’t that great, and you aren’t learning from it.

Map update, I make a prop_static for the lights. Also improve the island landscape.