gm_AncientAtlantis preview

Looking for input/ideas/hate

Still needs some polishing/detailing, will release today or in a day or two.

The light values you have don’t really match the skybox.

In all honesty OP it’s quite nice, bit blocky here and there but that can be fixed with detail, try vertex manipulation to change the look and feel of the whole thing, very nice though.

The HL2 tree doesn’t really fit there but overall nice looking map.

Yeah Pringles is right, try finding a nice custom tree model somewhere :3:

The textures need a lot of work but I really like the brush layout

Most of the textures are too dirty/contrasted for it, and alignments do not match

It would also be really neat to turn down the brightness a lot and rely on firelight for visibility (after placing torches and the like)

The general architecture of the map is interesting to say the least.

But, as said by the rest, the dead tree looks totally out of place and the skybox is dark, whilst the lightning is light and more cheerful. Either change the lightning or the skybox. Other than that: good job.

change the skybox, make it something more bright and wonderful.
Interiors are really good

I really like the design of the central building.

Skybox is cool and dramatical, I’d rather see him change the lighting.

There should be a way to make the whole thing go underwater

Or you could just ask him to submerge it all in water in a second map?

When I tried to submerge my atlantis (this version might be more than 6 years old??) the water looked very ugly.

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Just hit the the x at the right top, when the anoying thing is there.


Ow the video doesn’t work, well I meant this > water going through brush when sinking…through.jpg