Gm_Andysroom, A Toy story-based map.

Reach for the skiiieeess!
I’ve been working on this map in my free time for a while now, it’s basically a map based on Andy’s room from the first in the “Toy story” film series [I’m sure alot of you would have heard of it before], and it will be my first map that will have public release, this is what i have done so far.

Old pictures*

The lighting isn’t very good, no proper textures have been created yet, but these will be improved in the future.
And yes, the walls are one of the few things i’m still working on.
Features as of now.**

[li]A remake of Andy’s room from Toy story.[/li][li]Lots of room for building.[/li][li]Ragdolls and players are almost the same size as Buzz lightyear in the film.[/li][li]Cradle[/li][li]Window.[/li][/ul]
Features that may be added in the future.

[li]A globe on Andy’s drawer that can be spun around.[/li][li]Hot wheels track parts in the toy box that you can assemble to make neat courses.[/li][li]A closet behind a slightly-open door.[/li][li]More physical objects you can interact with, this means things like the chair by Andy’s desk can be moved and tipped over.[/li][li]A few secrets around the map.[/li][/ul]
Anyway, a few of the more experienced mapper will probably notice that i’m fairly new to mapping [aswell as being new to Facepunch overall] but i hope i’m going on the right path when it comes to mapping.
Larger pictures will be added when requested, and you may give me ideas to make this a map that people will enjoy.
if you’d like to help me when i’m at the texturing phase, then that’s alright, texturing won’t be an easy task, so help will be appreciated.

That’s looking good, I’m a fan of Toystory, And especially enjoyed Toystory 3. It will be great to be able to play a Toystory level in Garrysmod.


It definitely needs a lot more work, but it’s original.

Toystory movie in Garry’smod? :byodood:

Can you get pushed out of the window? :v:

Nope, it’s covered by a skybox on the other side, but it would be interesting for me to allow players to access a small part of Sid’s house, and the garden and fence between the two houses, but that seems too be going too far in my opinion, but who knows?

Do Sid’s room

Sid’s room would be slightly difficult, as there’s not as many references to the room as Andy’s, but i might make it visible from Andy’s window.

I hope someone ports some ragdolls from the toy story game. This map could be awesome.

I came here expecting total shit, I was proven wrong in a good way.

looks cool.

Have ladders that aren’t visible by Andy’s bed so you can climb up it?

There will be a way for people to be able to get on the bed without noclipping, but you’ll need to climb up something else first and then land on Andy’s bed.
You’ll probably be able to jump on some of Andy’s possesions to reach the top of the board game shelf, then jump onto his bed.

Rated heart :love:

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this looks good! Welcome to Facepunch and good luck with mapping!

This looks great so far, can’t wait to see more work done on it.

Just some progress with the walls.

I’m pretty pleased with the lighting right now, it improved.
And i improved the blinds a little, i’ll make a few of them slanted.

Team fortress 2 story machinima?
Toy story style ofcourse. That would be insane!

Looks good so far, shouldn’t the baby crib be more towards the door (right side of the room) instead of the corner?

Most of the references i’ve seen show it more close to the corner, but i’ll look into it.
Does anyone have any good references to where it should be?