[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_annex

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] This is a replica of the annex I live in with the connected house, garden and front car park.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2, EP1 and EP2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

This is a BETA release of my map gm_annex. Please download and test this out. I know that you can see the sky box buildings in the distance on the main road I will tweak the sky box near the final map.[/media]



Ooh, nice. Feels like a nice little London house…

Ooh nice, I want! Perhaps don’t use such a large lightmap scale on the outer walls though. Otherwise, lookin’ great!

Yeah, I’m going to create brush based buildings for the buildings closer to the map.

Thank you.

Beautiful so far. Reminds me of those old homes in Europe. :smiley: Needs some extra details like supports on the sides and some ivy growing on the outer walls, etc.

I hope the inside carries the same feeling as the outside…

looks like one of the buildings near me, Audenshaw manchester UK :3:

There’s one thing that bothers me: No barge-boards. Look at some reference pictures for roofs and redo the sides. Otherwise, lookin’ geeewd.

I’m going to download this and have a walksie in it.
Okay, I was kind of disappointed. There’s a serious lack of interior at the moment (possibly because it’s in beta), but why the fuck is the tv so strange? When I look at it, it’s like I’m viewing some part of the map through noclip!

Yeah, the interior is not finished. I’m not sure why the TV looks strange, it’s fine my on PC. Post a screenshot. I’ve been busy with packing as I’m moving house soon, so I haven’t had much time to work on it.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, I hope to have it finished on the next release.